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Sophie Scheder Wins Bar Title at Cottbus

This weekend at the Cottbus Cup in Germany, Sophie Scheder took home the top prize on the uneven bars.

The 17-year-old beat out Russia's Anna Rodionova by .233, with her trademark beautiful bars. She won with a 14.8, difficulty 6.4 and execution score of  8.4.

 Anna scored a 14.566 with a difficulty of 6.0 and execution of 8.566. She's much improved since the world championships. Her legs are glued together, she's much more extended and as always, her toe point is exquisite.

 Rounding out the podium was Sophie's teammate and 2012 Olympian, Kim Bui who scored a 14.2.

Hungary's Noemi Makra landed in fourth place with a difficulty score of 5.7 and an execution score of 8.4.  She may not have the most difficult routine in the world, but she is so clean and beautiful, it's a pleasure to watch. Her toes are pointed, legs straight, together and extended. She get's beautiful height on her flight elements.

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