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5 NCAA Athletes to Watch At Nationals

The NCAA has so much depth and amazing athletes from many different schools. Here are 5 fantastic athletes to keep an eye on.

These girls are fantastic athletes with different strengths and each athlete brings a little something special to her team.

5. Georgia Dabritz, Utah

Georgia, a junior at the University of Utah is one of the top uneven bar workers in the NCAA. She's known for beautiful, clean lines, and no grips. That's right, no grips. Girlfriend must have hands made of steel, because she's able to do just as much difficulty as gymnasts who wear grips. She placed second at last year's NCAA's on bars.

4. Lindsey Mable, Minnesota

In a team known for perfect execution, sophomore Lindsay Mable's execution is textbook and so precise, you could set your watch by her precision. On floor, she points her toes and keeps her legs together on a double pike. Lindsay's third pass is a front 1 1/2 twist, exactly 540 degrees round to a straddle jump, to a clean punch front. Pre-ci-sion. On beam, her acro elements are done with stick straight legs and splits always reached 180 degrees. Minnesota did not qualify as a team to NCAA's this year, however, Lindsay still qualified to the all-around competition as an individual.

3. Joanna Sampson, Michigan

Joanna, a senior, is last year's NCAA floor champion. She's known for her incredibly clean and dynamic tumbling. She achieved three career highs on beam, bars and floor during her senior season, one being this perfect 10 at the Big 10 Conference championships. She's going to NCAA's with her team this year. Will she pull out all the stops and pull out another win on floor, and perhaps and all-around title ala former Michigan athlete, 2000 Olympian, Elise Ray.

2. Moriah Martin, Denver

Moriah, a senior, has qualified to her third individual NCAA championship. She's a strong all-around gymnast, but she's especially accomplished on floor and vault. Last year, she finished 17th on vault at last year's NCAA's after qualifying in second with a 9.925. She's dynamic on floor exercise, demanding attention with powerful tumbling that is including a double layout that just flies.

1. Katherine Grable, Arkansas

While the Arkansas Gymbacks sadly did not qualify their team to NCAA's this year, senior Katherine Grable managed to qualify as an individual to the NCAA's.  Katherine is a fantastic floor worker who has skills that makes your draw drop. Case in point, her double arabian half out on floor exercise, that is ridiculously high and ridiculously well executed. Katherine is powerful, dynamic and elegant, and she's a favorite of many NCAA fans.

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