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Aliya Mustafina's Dizzying Dance Combo

Aliya Mustafina, like many other athletes, has re-arranged her floor routine to fit with the new floor rules.

To be compliant with the new rules, the 2013 Balance Beam world champion has introduced a combination of spins that is nausea inducing. In this GIFs, Aliya is seen doing her triple Memmel turn, which she submitted to the FIG last fall to have named for her, but she never completed the skill, a quad turn (Gomez) and a Memmel turn. Makes me dizzy just looking at it.

With the new floor rules, athletes like Aliya are putting more dance elements in their routines and having less tumbling passes. This means more difficult leaps (i.e. the Ferrari) and difficult spins to boost difficulty as opposed to endless double doubles. However, I wonder, does having ridiculously hard leaps and turns really equate to more artistry?

GIFS via mustafeener

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