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NCAA Regionals: LSU qualifies to NCAA's in First Position

As the NCAA regionals concluded, the top two ranked teams out of each regional qualified to the NCAA National Championships in Birmingham.

Coming out on top was Lousiana State University Tigers, with a 198.325, 1.275 above last year's NCAA champions, the University of Florida Gators who qualified in sixth place with a 197.050.
Two of last year's qualifiers, Minnesota and Arkansas did not advance teams to nationals, but top individuals, Katherine Grable, Amanda Wellick and Lindsay Mable qualified to nationals as individual all-arounders. Katherine qualified in third position behind LSU's Rheagan Courville and UCLA's Samantha Peszek.

University of Denver's Moriah Martin qualified as an individual all-arounder and it's her third year to qualify to NCAA's as an individual. Denver placed third in their regional behind Alabama and Nebraska.

In the history of women's NCAA gymnastics, only five teams have won the coveted national title. Utah, Alabama, Georgia, UCLA and Florida. All of the teams qualified are strong teams. Last year, Florida won their first ever NCAA title. This year, there are many teams who are hungry to take the top spot. LSU and the University of Oklahoma are the top two teams advancing to the NCAAs. Either one of these teams could take the title. But there is the University of Michigan and the University of Nebraska, who are led by Joanna Sampson and Emily Wong respectively, who could pull an upset and win everything. I'm really thinking that there will be a sixth team to win this year.

Here are the teams qualified to NCAA's:

1. LSU 198.325 
2. Oklahoma 197.725 
3. Alabama 197.550 
4. Utah 197.300 
5. Stanford 197.275 
6. Florida 197.050 
7. Nebraska 196.975
8. Michigan 196.750 
9. Penn State 196.725
10T. UCLA 196.600
10T. Illinois 196.600 
12. Georgia 196.375

Individual Qualifiers:

Chelsea Tang Oregon State University (OSU) AA
Maddie Gardiner OSU AA
Kaytianna McMillan OSU BB.
Audrey Harrison University of Kentucky BB
Alexis Gunzelman Rutgers University AA
Hope Sloanhoffer West Virginia AA
Emily Heinz Central Michigan BB
Taylor Noonan Central Michigan BB
Halle Moraw Central Michigan BB
Caitlin Brown Iowa State AA
Marie Case Kent State AA
Katherine Grable Arkansas AA
Amanda Wellick Arkansas AA
Lindsay Mable Minnesota AA
Alicia Asturias University of California; Berkley (Cal) AA
Hanna Nordquist Minnesota BB
Dallas Crawford Cal UB
Kalliah McCartney Sacramento State AA
Moriah Martin Denver AA
Ciera Perkins Boise State FX
Kelsey Morris Boise State UB
The NCAA National Championships are being held in Birmingham, Alabama, April 18-20.
Team rankings via GymCastic's Twitter and individual qualifiers via dancingdingledodies.

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