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The Year of Ebee Continues at the Pac Rims

Elizabeth "Ebee" Price is continuing her awesome year with another win at the Pacific Rim Championships.

Make that two wins. In addition to taking home the all-around title, she and Team USA took the team gold medal

Ebee's winning streak started early, when team USA started on beam and just kept it up. She won the all-around with a total of 59.900. Totally killing it Ebee style. Coming in second was the ever clean, ever consistent Kyla Ross who took silver with a 58.700.  Kyle is consistent as ever, but it looks like she's kind of watered down since worlds, which is kind of disappointing. Rounding out the podium, representing the home team, Ellie Black of Canada took bronze and a team silver.

Ebee is looking totally awesome and she looks like she's just getting more confident with every competition she wins. (She won so many meets in the World Cup circuit, she won the whole thing!) On floor, she opens with a STUCK double double. Very few athletes do double doubles let alone can STICK a double double. Her bars are looking fantastic and so strong.

Ellie is totally killing it Canadian style as well. She came out with a new beam routine and scored a 15.000. On floor, she was sticking double layouts like it was nothing. She's definitely one to watch. I'm hoping she could break through and maybe get on a medal podium at a World Championships perhaps? A girl can dream.

For the juniors, once again, Bailie Key slaughtered her competition. As per usual, she won the all-around and qualified for every event final. Her beam was fantastic as always, on bars, she had a clean routine with nice amplitude. Maybe not the most difficult routine yet, but very clean. Definitely enjoying her new floor routine. On vault, she stuck a double twisting yurchenko like an NCAA gymnast sticks a 1 1/2 at NCAA event finals.

Some additional highlights...
Norah Flately was glorious on beam as always.

During the live audio feed, Kyle Shewfelt had a gym-nerd moment over Nia Dennis's standing Arabian on beam. Thus proving that it is one of the seven wonders of the gymnastics world.

Little Shallon Olsen of Canada on bars, what a little dynamo!

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