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Why The Florida -Oklahoma Tie May Not Be Such a Bad thing

Today, at the NCAA National Championships two teams, Oklahoma and Florida came out triumphant. One team won for the first time and broke through the door of an exclusive club where many dreamed to go, but only few ventured.

Some members of the gymternet community were not pleased with the tie. But it's important to remember a common complaint  among gym fans is tie breakers. 

Case number one -  the tie breakers at the London Olympics. Aly Raisman loses the bronze medal because the stupid FIG or IOC or some asshole decided that they didn't want ties.  Thus, Aliya Mustafina takes the bronze medal as a solo act.

Case number two - Nastia Liukin gets the silver medal after a tie breaker during the uneven bar final in Beijing, awarding the gold medal to He Kexin.  That one is up for debate, because there are fans who think that Beth Tweddle should have been awarded a medal over Nastia.

Case three, the London Olympics, Aliya Mustafina wins the bronze medal in the floor final over Italy's Vanessa Ferrari, who's still pretty pissed about that.

I for one was definitely rooting for Oklahoma. They're a fantastic team, maybe better than Florida. They're a team that is not stacked with elites up to the rafters like Florida, but they do have beautiful execution and artistry that is superb. This year, they've stepped it up in their difficulty, really making them a force to be reckoned with. 

Florida is a team that is stacked with elites. One well known name is 2009 World Champion, Bridget Sloan who took home the NCAA All Around title with the team title in 2013. Before 2013, they'd been working just as hard as Oklahoma to break in the elite winners group. This year, they've had an outstanding year, collecting perfect tens like Carrie Bradshaw collects Manolo Blanihks.

So, the question remains, was the tie the right way to rank these two stellar teams or should there have been a tie breaker?

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