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Amidst Political Turmoil, FIG Funds Ukrainian Euros Teams

Despite the on-going political upheaval in the Ukraine, the International Gymnastics Federation has agreed to lend the money for the teams to attend next week's European Championships.

The struggle with Russia has had left the Ukrainian gymnastics federation tight on funds. On Tuesday, International Gymnast announced Tuesday that the Ukraine would not send any delegates to the European championships because they didn't have the 38,000 euros on hand to send them.

The FIG agreed yesterday at a committee meeting in Kuwait, to help finance the team.

The problems of the Ukranian gymnastics federation are not just limited to finances to send their athletes on international assignments. The national training center is in a state of disrepair and the equipment is old and dangerously unsafe and with no money for repairs, there's no money for medical equipment.

For more information visit:  International Gymnast: FIG to Aid Ukraine's Trip to Europeans, FIG

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