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Bai Yawen Podium Training Chinese Nationals

While the European Championships are happening in Sofia, China is hosting the their national championships in Nanning, just four months before the World Championships will be held in the same city.

Consider it the Chinese warm up to worlds.

Podium training videos have been leaked all over the gymternet. This little beam phenom is Bai Yawen. Her beam routine is glorious, carrying on the Chinese tradition. Speaking of Chinese tradition, she does a very rare Yang Bo leap, named for former Chinese gymnast, Yang Bo. Bai does some interesting connections as well. She does a side somi into a side position flip flop to front support, a D+C connection worth 0.20 in connection bonus and a very lovely round off to two foot layout.  With her beautiful lines and stunning toe point, little Bai is delightful to watch.

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