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Beyond the Routine: Mary Lee The Sequel - Lexie's Story

Gymnastike followed up the original Beyond The Routine web reality program with Mary Lee. But this time, there was no Sophie Lee Tracey. Maybe she stole too much attention from Lexie and all of her gym make-up, since this is Lexie's story and all.

The story starts with Mary Lee following up Lexie's story from last year's nationals and her surgery. Because even though this is Lexie's story, it's Mary Lee's frickin show. Really. (Maybe that's why Sophie Lee didn't make an appearance, stealing the show from Mary Lee, when she's not trying to embarrass Lexie by bribing her with dates with skier boys).

It's a really disgusting story about Lexie having too much space between her big toe and her index toe, complete with really gross pictures of Lexie's foot with stitches.  Basically, Lexie was short on a full in dismount off of beam and caught her toe. Eww.

Lexie tells us she doesn't know how she did gymnastics like that and goes into details about how she had to tape her toes together. Blah, blah, blah gross. Then Mary Lee has to interject and once again, narrate and say that Lexie had a "really tough time" at Nationals. Really? No shit Sherlock, you said the same thing not twenty seconds before.  Lexie tells us she'd landed a vault short and felt pain in her Achilles.She withdrew from Worlds selection camp because she didn't think she'd be ready in time and Mary Lee and Lexie AND her mother agreed.

While Mary Lee is talking there is lots of shots of Lexie in the gym working out. Of course, she now has a plan for Lexie to make a worlds team, but she's not sure if she could be an event specialist for vault, since she's one of probably twenty girls who can vault for team USA, but she really wants her do to all-around since Lexie can do beam now since her toe's all healed up. Yay. Well, Lexie, you are going to LSU and Rheagan Courville is going to be graduating this year, so you could take her place. You've certainly got the height and the form.

We see Lexie and she's wearing a lot of make-up. I'm talking Kardashian levels of make up. I'm pretty sure she went as far as to curl her eye lashes while having the sloppy walk of shame bed-head that everyone on team USA sports. Obviously, she wanted to look pretty for the cameras, but really, it's the gym, nobody really cares what you look like at the gym whether you're 17 or 31. You're supposed to look like you're working out. Whatever, that's beside the point.

Then Mary Lee goes into talking about Lexie's partner in crime, Amelia. Mary Lee talks about these two BFFs like they're twins. She says they're so close, that when one of them is hurt, physically or emotionally, the other one feels it.

 Mary Lee also tells us that these two kids just want the best for each other, despite however well the other one does. This disgusts Mary Lee. She wants these two to duke it out for a shot of glory and she wants to see blood. None of this fluffy friendship crap for Mary Lee. 

Of course, next, there is a sequence of Amelia and Lexie professing their love for one another.  Awww...  Chalk bucket bonding!

Back to Lexie training, because, ya know, that's the whole point of her being at the gym, to train and all. We learn that Lexie is afraid to do a Ray because a couple years ago at the Ranch, she was too close to the bar and clipped her chin and had to get stitches. So now Mary Lee is trying to help her work through her fear of that skill. Lexie's past the point where she won't let go of the bar, now she's in the phase where she goes so far back because she's afraid of clipping the bar. She does two or three of these skills and falls flat on her stomach every time. Mary Lee tells her to look and her toes while she's doing it and oh! She can do the skill again! OMG! It's reality TV show magic!

Then, the front door opens and well, I'll be darned, it's a boy that Lexie very obviously likes. His name is Nick Goepper, he's an Olympic bronze medalist in slope style skiing. While Lexie is trying to catch her Ray, Mary Lee get's exasperated and says "I wish Nick was here, because then she'd probably catch the daggone bar." Lexie throws her head back and laughs and when she looks up, there are small pink spots blooming on her cheeks that is definitely not from the blush she-reapplied 10 minutes before filming this scene. 
It's this guy.

Mary Lee walks to greet him and orders Lexie to get her grips back on after she's just taken them off. She walks up to him and tells him in a not-so-subtle stage whisper that she bribed Lexie to do the Ray and she'd get her a date with him. Lexie is shown in the corner day dreaming of their wedding. Then she shouts over to Lexie to do it again so Mr. Floppy Hair, Pete Wentz Skinny Jeans in a baseball cap walks over to see her do the skill. Lexie, if you want to date ski-bums, move to Aspen, they're all over the place, really any ski-town along the I-70 corridor will have lots of dudes who look just like that:

I'm taking Sophie Lee's place

Back to the story: Mary Lee introduces him to us as Lexie's dear friend and Lexie giggles while Mary brags that he started bouncing trampoline at her gym and Lexie looks up at him with goo goo eyes.

Lexie says they've been friends since he started going to CGA and they text back and forth (while Lexie doodles his name all over her notebooks). She says he face-timed her right before he was up to compete. Mary Lee has Lexie get back up on the bar and try to do the skill again.  Of course now she can't do it because she's all twitter-pated and crap.  Of course, he just says she's been practicing for six hours already and shrugs it off and probably has to leave to go shopping for more women's size two skinny jeans.

The end of Lexie's story.

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