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Marta Pihan-Kuleza and Aliya Mustafina

The Aliya Mustafina fan page on Facebook posted this picture of Aliya and Polish gymnast, Marta Pihan-Kuleza.

I'm assuming this must have been from the post meet banquet. Aliya is wearing a sleek black suit with a black sweetheart neckline top. Marta, true to her punk rock personality and hair, is wearing a vintage looking floral dress, accessorized with a chunky black bracelet.

I'm loving this photo because it just highlights what makes them so unique. Aliya's suit is sleek and classic and almost very Annie Lennox in style and Marta could be a model for Betsey Johnson's line. These personality differences show up in their gymnastics. Aliya has the classic Russian style, with long, balletic lines and Marta's gymnastics is funky and fun with Pink Panther music, slinky impressionistic dance and weird, awesome combinations.

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