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Shang Chunsong on Beam; Chinese Nationals Event Finals

Here is little Shang Chunsong during beam finals during the Chinese Nationals.

Shang is looking quite confident during this routine, her connections are sharp and her routine is much more fluid than last year.  With Nanning Worlds about 4 1/2 months away,  Shang looks like she's already campaigning for beam world champion.

She starts right off with a back handspring to two foot layout combination. She shows of some ridiculous flexibility with a switch half to forward aerial walkover to sheep jump. My favorite combination is a front tuck into a Korbut flip. She dismounts with an Aliya Mustafina-crazy legs triple twist, but other than that, very solid routine.

Shang won the beam title with a 15.367,  (6.6, 8.567)*.

* The Chinese implemented some kind of bonus system for nationals, which explains the .2 difference.

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