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Favorite Routines: Claudia Fragapane; Floor Exercise 2014 Euros

It's official. I'm hooked on this routine.

Claudia Fragapane's floor routine is definitely a huge favorite of this year so far. Claudia goes just as hard on her dance as she does her tumbling. This is the type of routine the new floor rules were made for.

 She dances into every corner and doesn't stay stationary in a flamingo pose. The most awesome part is when Claudia get's down on the floor and does some break dancing moves, including a double back spin!  Her tumbling is so high and clean. She opens with a full twisting double layout as her first pass and goes into a double layout as her second pass.

Personally, I think the FIG needs to create a bonus for athletes who actually dance instead of faking it until the corner. Just a suggestion, Women's Technical Committee, maybe you should think about it. I'm just saying...

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