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Gabby Leaves Chow's Gym... Again...

After short lived reunion and one national team camp, it appears 2012 Olympic Champion, Gabby Douglas has left her coach Liang Chow's gym yet again.

The Des Moines Register confirmed this fact today and stated that Gabby has left to find a new coach.

"She is searching for a new coach, I guess. We had an understanding, a tryout period. The new goal for the tryout period, try to prepare her to be in decent, good physical shape."When the period was over, she had to make a decision — either train here or train somewhere else. As I talked to her, I respect her opinion on her decision." Chow on Gabby's departure. via
Gabby left Chow's last August to be with her family in Los Angeles, she returned back to Chow's to train just a couple of months earlier. No news on who Gabby will be coaching with next. She trained last year at UCLA coach Chris Waller's gym, Gym Jam.

She is not on the roster for the Secret Classic on August 2, but there is still time for Gabby to get into training mode for P&G Championships, August 21-24, being held this  year in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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