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The Perfect Form of Anna Myzdrikova

Non cowboy-ed legs on an Arabian double front.  Legs together and toes pointed on a double pike.
Beautiful chest up landings.

The poetry in motion that is the perfect form of Anna Myzdrikova at the 2010 European Championships.

These GIFS show the Russian gymnast's tumbling during the floor finals at the European Championships in Birmingham, where she took the silver medal behind the great Beth Tweddle.

Anna has the classic balletic style of the Russian gymnasts. The training is meticulous in the details and it comes across in her tumbling and her exquisite lines. The first GIF, she is shown doing a whip to double arabian. She keeps her legs together and doesn't "cowboy" them and spread her legs apart. She is still able to land with her chest up in a clean landing.

Next is a triple twist to a back tuck.

Two and one-half twist to laid out Barani to stag jump.

Clean double pike to finish.
GIFS via lakekrugloye

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