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Bailie Key Is Out of P&G Championships

Bailie Key will be unable to defend her national title this year since she has pulled out due to an elbow injury.

Bailie, aka Miss I-win-everything-all-the-time was also absent at the Secret Classic last week due to the same injury.  Her coaches, 1991 World Champion Kim Zmeskal and her husband, Chris Burdette announced Bailie's forfeiture via the Texas Dreams website earlier today.  In a post titled "Cheers to Bailie" the pair explained that this is a chance for Bailie to rest and take a deep breath before she embarks on the next phase of her Olympic journey as a senior elite. 

14 months… 8 for 8 all-around golds for Bailie Key!
 Not bad. (-:  Now what?  Applaud this stellar junior international elite career.  As of January 1st, Bailie will officially be eligible to compete in the senior ranks of this small company of amazing gymnasts.  Throughout the past couple weeks, it has been challenging to settle on our decision.  But in the end, with the 100% undeviating advice and support of those we trust and respect the most, together with Bailie, we decided it best that she forego this year’s Championships.  Letting her safety along with "big picture" goals guide us, it became an obvious decision, although not an easy one.  So, instead of fretting over this missed Championships, we choose to quickly turn the page, redirect to the next goals, and allow her to take a much-deserved breath before starting this next chapter of her career. via Texas Dreams Gymnastics 
Bailie, born March 15,1999 will turn 16 next year and will be eligible to compete for a spot on a Worlds team.

Along with winning the junior all-around title at last year's  Secret Classic and P&G Championships, Bailie holds the all-around titles for Pacific Rims, City of Jesolo, Mexican Open, Junior Japan International and an all-around gold from a Germany, Romania and USA Friendly Meet.

With Young Bailie out, could this year's Secret Classic winner, Jordan Chiles, pull a Bailie and win the P&G Championship all-around title as well? Will Bailie completely dominate the senior ranks next year like she did the junior ranks?

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