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Noemi Makra's Beautiful Twisting Tumbling

Noemi Makra of Hungary is an athlete with form that is a judge's (or an execution snob's) wet dream.

Her lines are so long and extended and her twists are beautiful, straight and high. It's poetry in motion.

These GIFs are of Noemi during the 2013 World Championships in Antwerp, Belgium.
The first shows Noemi doing a piked- full in. She's a very tiny gymnast, but she gains a lot of power with her back handsprings which are stretched to the max. They allow her to get beautiful lift off of her tumbling.

The next is Noemi doing a triple twist. A lot of athletes have a tough time getting a triple twist all the way around, but Noemi, like NCAA gymnast Emily Wong, can get that twist around with lots of time to spare for her to land with her chest up and not to take any steps out of her landing.

GIFs via icannotcountthosetwists

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