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Pan Ams - Team USA Brings Home Four Gold Medals

After two days of competition, Team USA brought home four gold medals and a silver at the Pan American Championships.

Day one, the men and the women brought home a team gold medal and MyKayla Skinner was a surprise all-around winner.

Day two - the first day of event finals.

MyKayla Skinner, no surprise there, she took home the gold medal for the vault.
She did her standard Cheng and Double Twisting Yurchenko. She scored a 15.2 on her Cheng and she managed to at least put her hand on the vault this time. But her form is much improved. Her legs are much straighter in the air  and she manages to hold the laid position in the air without piking down, through most of her vault.  She scored a 15.037 average for both vaults.

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On bars, Ashton Locklear made the most of her international debut, winning the gold medal after putting up an inquiry. Beautiful routine as always from Ashton, she had lovely skills. On the top of her routine, she missed her in bar stalder full to Komova connection, losing some connection bonus there. but she made it back up with her Pak to Komova half connection which was beautiful and she finished with a stuck full in dismount. She was originally awarded a 6.1 start value, giving her a 14.675, but after an inquiry, she was awarded with a 6.4 start value and it bumped her score up to 14.975.

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Madison Kocian marked her international debut with silver medal. She gave Ashton a run for her money and nearly beat Ashton and she would have if it weren't for the inquiry. Madison's got the WOGA bar look, super dynamic with lots of amplitude and nice lines and handstands. She started with a Komova and connected it into an immediate Pak. She and Ashton have a lot of the same skills in their routines, but Madison gets ridiculous height on her flight elements, she's really a joy to watch. It's going to be a battle to see who get's a spot on the worlds team.

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