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Secret Classic 2014

Two years into the quad and we're starting to see up and comers likely to be big contenders for Rio.

This was the first real meet of the elite season, so most everybody was a little rough around the edges. Since I don't have time to analyze every single routine by every single athlete, I'm going to be analyzing some top players and up and comers.

Maggie Nichols -

I'm pleasantly surprised by what I saw from her. She's looking very sure of herself and very confident. Her floor routine is looking especially fierce. Maggie's learning to channel her inner Sasha Fierce. Maybe it's her wicked summer tan, maybe she's just feeling on fire, whatever it is, she needs to keep it up. Her tumbling is so clean, and she opens with a stuck double layout and then goes into a pike full in. She's figured out how to use her assets, lots of booty shaking in her routine 14.300. Her bars is her next best event. She still had some form issue on her Pak salto and lost form on her Shaposh half, but nice height on her piked Ray and nice handstands, 14.7. She placed third in the all-around behind Kyla and Simone. My biggest hope for her is that she can keep that inner drive through to P&G Championships and world selection camp.

Kyla Ross -

Kyla is always clean and beautiful, but it couldn't hurt to add some upgrades, really. Kyla's form is always ridiculously perfect. She said her growth spurt added to her abilities, but really, her biggest talent is her perfect form.  Her average execution score was a 9.1125. She out scored everyone in execution nearly across the board. That being said, she watered down her bar routine. Her beam is the same, floor routine is too, mostly. She added a whip, whip to double arabian for her first pass (although I swear she had that in her routine already, but I could be mistaken).

Simone Biles -

Simone added another medal to her already impressive collection. This tiny little thing is just as fierce and strong as ever. She's really looking even stronger. She get's so much height and distance on her Amanar it's ridiculous. She still has to hop on the landing. Hopefully, Simone cleans that landing up, because that's about the only thing wrong with that vault. But that floor routine- bad frickin ass!

MyKayla Skinner -

MyKayla's double double layout is looking fantastic. She fell on her last pass unfortunately. She's improving on bars. Her flight elements have nice height and amplitude. On beam, she's got big skills, but is still having issues hitting full splits.

Amelia Hundley-

I'm loving Amelia on floor. Her routine has so much personality and she expresses so well.  Her tumbling was so clean, I'm pretty sure she stuck all of her landings.  The new floor rules seem to fit her style so well. Her bars, even though they may not be the most difficult bars in the world, she's clean and consistent. She's really like that on most of her events, very solid. I'm hoping she adds a little more difficulty by nationals at least.

Brenna Dowell -

Brenna only competed on bars and unfortunately, she crashed and burned. Figuratively of course. She bent her legs on her Pak salto and then clipped her feet on the mat. When it was time for  her dismount, she didn't even bother doing one, she just hopped off the bar after a handstand and saluted the judges.  Word on the gymternet is she's injured and was maybe trying to avoid hurting herself further, but it had some unfortunate results. She's definitely gunning for the worlds team this year after last year's Brenna-gate. Hopefully, she'll be able to heal in time for Championships.

Rachel  Gowey -

She's a first year classic competitor, a senior from Chow's and she is GLORIOUS!  Those lines are to die for. Especially on beam, with those long ballet legs. Her back handspring layout step out, layout step out connection is just beautiful, fully extended legs nice height. She had an issue with her landing after her series, but she dealt with it well.

Jordan Chiles -

Young Jordan was the junior Classic champ. She is one that I definitely see being a force in 2016. Jordan walks out and she owns the event she is on. The beam, the floor, the bars, everything.

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