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Bruno Grandi Calls for (Another) Code Overhaul

 Following the World Championships in Nanning, China, International Gymnastics Federation President, Bruno Grandi is calling for an(other) overhaul of the current code of points.

In an article from the China Post, Grandi explained his goal is to keep the "artistry" in gymnastics. He expressed concerns that the code has put too much emphasis on difficulty  rather than clean execution. He stated that it has become too much acrobatic elements and "not too much artistry."

“At this moment, we have noted that the difficulty increased too much. Very very much. And the execution of the athlete doesn't follow the same criteria. We need to change the mentality,” Grandi said.
 His suggestion is a more "mathematical", and his "math" involves cutting the D-score in half.  This wouldn't be an overnight change. He is pushing for the code to be revised for the 2017-2020 quad going into the Tokyo Games.

The current code of points has been in place since 2006. A complete code overhaul was implemented after scandal at the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens. American gymnast Paul Hamm was awarded the gold medal, but the bronze medalist, Yang Tae-Young was given a 9.9 start value on a vault that should have been rated out of a 10.0. He inquired about his score, but the inquiry was rejected.

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