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8 New Skills Entered in the Code of Points

Eight new skills were added to the FIG's code of points.

These skills were submitted from athletes from all around the world. To get the skill named for them, the athlete had to complete the skill successfully (without a fall) at a World Championship or Olympic Games (Youth Olympic Games for Juniors). The element must also have a C or higher rating in order to have her name attached to it.

In this post, I have listed the skills and the athlete who submitted the skill or whom it's being named for. When available, there are videos accompanying the name of the skill for reference.

Uneven Bars:

Karla Yanin Retiz Hernandez, Mexico - Hang on HB – Swing forward with 1⁄2 turn (180 ̊) and flight to handstand with 1⁄2 turn (180 ̊) on LB. Rated "D"  (No video available).


Tutya Yilmaz, Turkey- side straddle role with grasp under the beam to finish in sit position.  Rated "B", will not be named for the athlete(skill at 0:03). (YOG)

Pauline Schafer, Germany - Salto sideward tucked take off from one leg with 1⁄2 turn to side stand. Rated "E" (at approximately 0:25 seconds).

Sarah Beck, Ireland - Mount: Standing back to beam-jump backward through straddle position over the beam to front support. Rated "B", will not be named for the athlete. (Skill 0:01 in)

Maartje Ruikes, Netherlands - Mount: Free aerial cartwheel to front support (with) 90 degree approach to beam. Rated "B", will not be named for the athlete (skill at 0:02).

Yana Federova & Angelina Kysla, Ukraine - Mount: Jump with hand support, 3⁄4 turn (270 degrees) to half split sit on one leg. Rated "A", will not be named for the atheles.

Floor Exercise

 Katarzyna Jurkowska-Kowalska, Poland - Split jump with 1/1 turn (360 ̊) to the ring. Rated "D"  Skill at 0:21). Note - to receive full difficulty value for the skill, the athlete must fulfill all ring requirements, see graphic below.


Aliya Mustafina, Russia - 3/1 turn (1080 ̊) with leg held up in 180 ̊ split position. (Also known as triple Y or triple Memmel). Rated "E" (skill at 0:41).

For more information, the FIG released their newsletter, "Flick Flack." You can read it here.

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