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Keeping Up With the Round Lake Gymnasts: Aliya Mustafina Withdraws From Glasgow Cup; Afan and Komova to Compete At Voronin Cup

Aliya Mustafina has withdrawn from the upcoming Glasgow World Cup this weekend due to back problems.

Queen Elizabeth of Rewriting Russian Gymnastics has reported that Aliya has an inflammation in her spine and she'll need to sit out this competition. Aliya is expected to travel to Germany to undergo treatment. A little ironic being as she just LEFT Germany, where she was competing for Russia at the Stuttgart World Cup.

Russian head coach, Valentina Rodionenko made this statement regarding Aliya:

"Alia withdrew from the competition in Glasgow due to serious back problems. Now we will send it back to Germany, and it will be treated. When doctors advised her to pay attention to their health, she replied that it would be better to endure and to act through the pain. She has an inflammation of the lumbar spine.Today we were deciding what to do with Aliёy - to treat a girl in Russia and went to Germany. Came to the conclusion that the second option is the best. I think Alia went to Munich tomorrow. We have an agreement with local experts. They have examined her and now waiting at the clinic. And it needs Mustafina hospitalization. Surgery will not. Alia will be treated conservatively. I think everything will be fine.The fact that the next European Championships she recovers, I have no doubt,
Aliya's coach and Russian team coach, Evgeny Grebyonkin confirmed this in a separate news article:

"We had a gathering in November, followed by Aliya performed at the World Cup in Stuttgart. Now this time when she needs to recover a bit, relax, heal all your old sores,"

Really? Really?! They're just now realizing that Aliya needs a break? The girl basically has to carry the whole Russian team on her shoulders, but now, they are saying she needs a break. They could have realized this before she had back problems?

In other news, Ekaterina Kramerenko, Ksenia Afanasyeva and Viktoria Komova will compete at the Voronin Cup, December 15-17.  Grebyonkin said that Vika and Ksenia haven't full comeback yet, but their progress is a sign they will be back to their old selves. 

For more information on the Glasgow World Cup visit:


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