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Roxana Popa Discovers She Has An Old ACL Tear

Spain's Roxana Popa will miss the next six months due to an injury she didn't know she had.

An article on released yesterday, stated Roxana, aka "Roxi" felt a pain in her knee during the Mexican Open in December and decided to get it checked out only to learn that she had torn her anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) in her knee. Not only did she have a torn ACL, it turns out, the injury was an old injury.

 This means that Roxi has been competing for years, doing her most difficult elements and working on upgrading with this injury. Roxi has dealt with an elbow injury and some minor foot pain, but nothing to indicate a knee problem. Doctors attribute this to having strong leg muscles, specifically, quadriceps (thigh muscles).

In the meantime, Roxi is going to need surgery and is expected to be out for six months to rehab her knee.

Props to Roxi. She's just reached Superman levels of badass-ness.

Read the original article here.

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