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Favorite Routines Goes to the Movies: Svetlana Khorkina's Pulp Fiction Routine

Who knew Svetlana Khorkina was a Tarantino fan?

This floor routine of Svetlana's at the 1998 European Championships in St. Petersburg, Russia. It's set to the music from the film by Quentin Tarantino,  Pulp Fiction.
Svetlana's tumbling never really makes me go ahh! It's not the most difficult tumbling in the world, but it is clean. Her strength is really in her dance and performance.

The most identifiable music sequence is the sequence after her first tumbling pass, where you can clearly hear the opening strains to Chuck Berry's "You Can Never Tell." If you're not sure which son I am talking about, this is the song in the scene where John Travolta's character, Vincent, is out at a fifties themed restaurant with Mia Wallace (Uma Thurman), his boss Marcellus'(Ving Rhames) wife, whom he's been instructed to entertain while Marcellus is out of town. The two enter a dance contest, specifically a "twisting" contest.

While Svetlana doesn't dance a twist, she has a lot of twisting elements in her tumbling and beautiful turns in her dance. She could probably with that contest without John Travolta.

The movie scene:

Svetlana took home the all-around title at these championships. Perhaps the judges were Pulp Fiction  fans as well?

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