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Lisa Mason's Floor Routine From English Championships

Lisa Mason debuted a glorious floor routine at the English Championships this week.

Lisa, who helped Great Britian qualify a full team to the Olympic Games in Sydney is still a bad ass.
She opens with a piked full in, but only after she does a triple turn. Oh and she sticks her piked full in before she goes into a triple twist.

Her tumbling is clean and beautiful, but what makes her routine stand out, is her choreography. She's not half assing it and there are no elite dead eyes in this routine. Probably helps that she choreographed her routine herself!

The 33-year-old mother of a nine-year-old daughter made a comeback in 2013 after being out of the sport for 12 years. She won the vault title at the English Championships in 2013 after only having trained for five months. In addition to helping the British qualify a full team to the Olympics, Lisa was the first British gymnast to win gold at Grand Prix event as well as being the first British gymnast to make European or World event final.

When she's not doing gymnastics, or just being fabulous and amazing, Lisa is a sports model.

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