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Simone Biles' New Floor Routine for 2015

Last night during podium training for the American Cup, two time world all-around champion, Simone Biles debuted her upgraded floor routine.

Simone, who took second at the last American Cup she competed in 2013, showed her versatility and all around awesomeness with her ridiculous new routine.  Her floor routine was already pushing the boundaries of the laws of physics, but now, she's just plain defied them.

She's added a laid out full out for her first pass, setting the bar high going right in. She still has more than enough stamina to keep up the energy level for the very energetic dance and leap series and then has more than enough energy to finish with a tucked full in.

Sporteverywhere on YouTube has already posted a video analysis of Simone's floor routine. By his estimation, Simone's floor routine is worth a ridiculous 6.8 start value.  I think it is official, Simone has set the bar so high that everyone else is going to just have to fall in line behind her.

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