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NCAA Nationals - Semi Finals

Day one of NCAA Gymnastics Nationals - what an exciting, but bittersweet day.  There were some surprises but there were also some upsets.

So who qualified to Super Six tonight?


Notably absent is LSU, who had a melt down on beam in their third rotation.It all came down to the damned balance beam. They counted not one but two falls. They had strong rotations in the previous two rotations and they had a good finish on floor. But Alas, it was not video that killed the radio star, it was the balance beam.

Stanford started strong and kept it going. They didn't have too many major issues. Of course, there is Ivana Hong who is glorious and choirs of Angels sing when she mounts the balance beam. They have the McNair sisters. It's quite obvious that they were trained at the same gym as Kyla. Nicolette's form on bars is much like Kyla's. Legs together, knees straight and very clean.

Florida started on floor and had some issues, Bridget had a big hop back on a landing. But they got it together and tied with Utah for the top spot of the first session. Speaking of Utah, they weren't without issues either, Georgia Dabritz had an uncharacteristic fall off beam, but got it together for bars.

Alabama is Alabama, they came they saw they hit. There is not much else to say. They were very clean and consistent and they did their job.

A big surprise for the Super Six is Auburn, no one expected them to qualify and they did. They came out and hit routine after routine with no mistakes.

Oklahoma qualified, but they too had uncharacteristic falls on beam.  But they still pulled it off.

Who will come out victorious tonight? Stay tuned and we will see...

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