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Statistics That Prove Gymnastics Fans Are Winning!

Today, the University of Utah Gymnastics posted some gymnastics viewership statistics.

Not too shabby. Per Utah Gymnastics, only football and men's basketball had higher viewership than gymnastics.

What does this mean for you as a gym fan? The biggest complaint amongst gym fans is the lack of coverage of gymnastics. These statistics equal dollar signs and to us gym fans, it means more gymnastics coverage. These are the statistics that networks and advertisers will look at when determining whether or not to show gymnastics coverage. For advertisers, it means there money in sponsoring gymnastics coverage. If more advertisers will pay for advertising time then networks can put more gymnastics on television.

It's not time to quit yet, you as a gym fan need to simply KEEP TUNING IN to the broadcasts of gymnastics. Advertisers must see a return of their investment

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