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Full Out Trailer Released

The trailer for the new movie, Full Out premiered on YouTube yesterday.

The movie, staring Jennifer Beals as the legendary UCLA coach, Valorie Kondos-Field, aka "Miss Val", is the story of UCLA gymnast Ariana Berlin.

Ariana has a pretty amazing story...
 As a teenager, Ariana was one of the top junior olympic (JO) athletes in the country. At thirteen, Ariana and her mother were involved in a near fatal car accident that left her unable to do gymnastics. She became an accomplished hip-hop dancer and later became a walk on to the Bruins' gymnastics team to become one of their most accomplished gymnasts on the team and helping the Bruins' win a national title.

Full Out is her story.

I'm very impressed with the trailer and this is coming from someone who watches a lot of movies. Jennifer Beals, whose claim to fame was her starring role in the 1980's movie Flashdance, as discussed before plays Miss Val. Ana Golja and a variety of gymnastics stunt doubles (including one Miss Victoria Moors and Ariana herself) play Ariana.

NCAA Co-All Around Champ Sam Peszek makes a cameo as a gymnast who has an interaction with fictional Ariana after a meet.

My Verdict: This looks like it's going to be a tear jerker, make sure to stock up on tissues when you see this movie.

Curious about the real Ariana and Miss Val? Watch these video clips below for more information:

Ariana on Floor Exercise

A fluff piece from ET Canada

Miss Val on UCLA Gymnastics' web series "Bruin Banter"

Ariana tells her story:

Watch more videos on Gymnastike


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