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Backhandspring + Onodi + Forward Aerial Combination on Beam

The Chinese are known for their talent on bars and beam. 

They're known for unique, combinations of acro elements or unique dance elements. Such as Bai Yawen's Yang Bo and Yurchenko loop on beam or Li Li's double back spin on beam in the early '90's.

This is no exception. This GIF is from a routine from Ling Jie in 1997. She is doing a back handspring to Onodi to front aerial combination. It's a B+D+D series that under today's code of points, would earn her 0.30 in bonus. Onodi = D, Front Aerial = D, D+D = 0.20 connection value, + 0.10 series bonus.

This combination is fantastic not just for it's unique composition, it's fantastic for how fluidly it's performed. Jie flawlessly moves from one skill to the next without taking a major pause. The result makes it looks as if she is floating on the beam.

via anastasiagrishinas
Here's the entire routine (combination starts a 0:25):

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