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US Names Pan Ams Team

After enduring a grueling training camp in the middle of a hot Texas summer, USA Gymnastics has named the athletes headed to Toronto to compete in the Pan American Games.
Image per USA Gymnastics

The announcement comes after a two day selection process in which the selection committee selected five girls to represent the USA. There are some familiar names and a couple of newcomers on the squad.

They are:

Madison Desch, GAGE
Rachel Gowey, Chows
Amelia Hundley, Cincinnati Gymnastics
Emily Schild, Everest
Megan Skaggs, Gymnastics Academy of Atlanta

Felicia Hano, Gym Max
Nia Dennis, Buckeye
Lauren Navarro, Gliders

Maddie Desch was the team alternate for the 2014 Nanning Worlds team. She was also part of the gold medal winning Pan Am Championships team prior to that. Per USA Gymnastics, Maddie, who recently committed to the University of Alabama, will serve as the team captain. She is known for her signature GAGE style, with beautiful extension and elegance in all of her skills.

Rachel Gowey is one of Chow's newest group of young proteges. With beautiful, long lines and blond hair, she has been compared to Nastia Liukin. She made a great impression at the Secret Classic last August, but an ankle injury kept her from competing at the P&G Championships.

Amelia Hundley is one of famed coach, Mary Lee Tracy's disciples at Cincinnati Gymnastics or CGA. She was a promising talent in the junior ranks until her senior debut, last year. She was also a part of the Pan American Championships team that took home the team gold.

Newcomers Megan Skaggs and Emily Schild are both first year seniors. Megan made her senior debut with Team USA at the City of Jesolo Trophy. Emily Schlid competes with Nanning bars finalist Ashton Locklear at Everest Gymnastics in North Carolina. Like her teammate, Rachel, Emily's senior debut was delayed due to injury. She was able to make her senior debut at the City of Jesolo Trophy in March.

The gymnastics schedule at the Pan Am Games for women: 

July 12 – women’s team final and all-around and individual event qualification (USA, Subdivision 1)
July 13 – men’s and women’s all-around finals
July 14-15 – men’s and women’s individual event finals

For more information:
USA Gymnastics
Pan American Games: Toronto 2015


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