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A Wolf Turn Intervention

Dear Ladies of Team USA:

You've made a lot of progress since my last letter, where I demanded that you stop wearing that ghastly, ubiquitous hot pink.

I was so impressed with you, ladies. At Classics, you brought out your beautiful blues (well, aqua in Kyla's case).

And let's not forget fierce reds

Unfortunately, at last weekend's Secret US Classic, I noticed a trend more disturbing and scarier than hot pink nation.  I'm talking about the wolf turn.

Routine after routine, everyone featuring that God awful skill. It was fine when only a couple gymnasts did that skill. But somehow, that changed from only one or two gymnasts doing it, to literally everyone and their dog doing it. Yes, I know there are certain skills that everyone may have in their routines, but this is painful. Just make it stop. Or you'll wind up in a montage of shame.

Please save the eyes of the poor judges and save your fans from this terror.

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