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2017-2020 Proposed Code of Points Part 2

This is part two of my analysis of the proposed changes to the code of points for the 2017-2020 quad.

This part is going to deal with the changes to the connection bonuses, which are added to the difficulty value. I made a table to illustrate the changes on each event if there are any. The biggest changes on any event come on the balance beam. Floor exercise stays the same as far as connection bonuses go.

The tables below show the new proposed changes versus the old or current code. Any changes are highlighted in red:

Connection Bonus
Uneven Bars
New Old
0.1 0.2 0.1 0.2
D+D or More D(flight - same bar or LB to HB) + C or more (on HB and must be performed in this order) D+D or More D(flight - same bar or LB to HB) + C or more (on HB and must be performed in this order)
D+E (Both Flight elements) D+E (Both Flight elements)
Note: If kip performed after Shaposhnikova type elements with/without 1/1 turn - apply deduction for empty swing (0.50 deduction from E score)

Balance Beam
New Old
0.1 0.2 0.1
2 acro flight elements, including mount & dismount (min.
F)All connections must be rebounding* 
2 acro flight elements, excluding the dismount
All connections must be rebounding* except when stated
C+C C/D+D (or more) C/D + D (or more)
(non-rebounding fwd only)
C/D + D (or more)
B+E B+D (FWD only) C + C B + D (fwd only)
B+F B + E B + F
Dance & Mixed (acro/flight elements only excluding dismount
New Old
0.1 0.2 0.1 0.2
B +C or more D+D C + C or more D + D or more
D+B (Mixed) A + C (Turns only)
D+A (Salto + 1 foot scale) D (salto) + A (dance)

Floor Exercise (no change)
Indirect Acro*
0.1 0.2
B/C + D  C + E                                                                    
A + A + D  D + D 
Direct Acro
0.1 0.2
A+ D A+E
C + C  C+D
D salto + B (dance)
E salto + A (dance) (Must be performed in this order)
Connections of Turns on one Leg
B+B (no step)
 *Indirect connections are those in which directly connected acrobatic
elements with flight phase and hand support (i.e. round-off, flic-flac, etc. as
preparatory elements) are performed between saltos.

I will cover the rest of the changes in a third post.

Read part one here


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