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Aliya Mustafina Out of Worlds Replaced by Anastasia Dmitrieva

It was the biggest will she or won't she question this year. Will Aliya Mustafina compete for the Russian team at the upcoming world championships.... or will she not?

The latest news coming from the Russian Federation is that Aliya is out of worlds...again.

Russian head coach, Valentina Rodionenko confirmed Aliya's latest flip flop to ITAR-TASS. Aliya was not originally supposed to be on the world's team, having missed the Russian Cup, the qualifier for Russia's world's team. However, later, Aliya had decided that she definitely was going to be on that team. She's being replaced by first year senior, Anastasia Dmitrieva.
Aliya, the 2010 World All-Around Champion & 2015 European Games all-around champion and has been dealing with nagging injuries, mostly, her back and that has kept her from training for the past couple of months.

Valentina Rodionenko was not shy about her take on Aliya:

"Aliya  [is a] very demanding athlete,[Y]esterday she came up to us and said she did not consider it right to go to the World Cup as a spare, " said Rodionenko. "The gymnast said that [s]he could not get out on the carpet, if someone from the main [team] during the tournament  [is] injured. Therefore, national team coaching staff decided to declare the number of the seventh team in place of Mustafina representative Anastasia Dmitrieva. “

Anastasia Dmitrieva is a first year senior and won the junior European Championship last year with the Russian juniors. She placed sixth in the all-around at the Russian Cup, as well as placing fifth on vault and floor and sixth on beam.

The World Championships will be held in Glasgow, Great Britain, Oct. 23-Nov. 1.

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