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Aurelia Dobre Steals Focus from her Sons

Marcus and Lucas are twins who have a mother who is stealing focus from their Vine creations.

But their mom is 1987 all-around world champion, Aurelia Dobre.

 Quite honestly, the boys are just back-up for their mom in these Vines. She looks awesome. The first video, the boys are dancing to "Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae" by Silento. Aurelia enters from stage left does some choreography and does a back walkover ending in the splits. Damn that flexibility and toe point.

The second video, the boys are performing to Omi's "Cheerleader." Enter Aurelia from stage right doing a flip flop to two layout step outs into an aerial cartwheel. Flawless form and flawlessly connected.

Aurelia in 1987 when she won worlds:

Damn these stalders:

That flexibility:

Aurelia's boys are very talented kiddos - you can check out the rest of their vines, here.

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