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Foot In Mouth Disorder Claims Viktoria Komova After WAG Team Finals

The Russians were certainly disappointed after their fall from grace during yesterday's team finals.
Afterwards, the ugly head of snide comments and bad sportsman ship rose up once again. This time, the perpetrator of this foot-in-mouth syndrome was none other than Viktoria Komova.  below is the original post.

Viktoria posted a rant on her VK (Russian Facebook) page about her anger toward the American and the British athletes. Per Papa Liukin, she's essentially saying that the Americans won because they're pumped up with steriods and hormones.  Per the Facebook machine, she also said China and Great Britain essentially just got lucky.

Nice attitude, young lady, do you kiss your mother with that mouth?

Viktoria realized later the consequences of her foot in mouth disorder and posted an apology. This translation comes via Queen Elizabeth of Rewriting Russian Gymnastics.

"Dear friends! I want to apologize for my statements about American girls, about drugs, all my words were spoken on emotions. Of course I haven't any proof and didn't really mean it and so on... I am so sorry. I want to apologize for my character to all of you."

While her apology is lovely, but unfortunately, she's already put her hateful nasty words out there. Once it's out there, it doesn't go away. Viktoria is also a public figure, so she shouldn't be surprised, that her rant went viral. Viktoria is one to wear her emotions on her sleeve and cried after receiving the silver medal in both Tokyo and London.  But, I really thought we saw a more mature, evolved Viktoria this worlds, but alas no. For me, i think the latter is what I am most disappointed about.

Although, this attitude shouldn't be surprising as once again, Valentina Rodionenko - Russian head coach had only nasty things to say about the team final results in a press release on All Sport:

"We – the Russian national team coaches and the girls themselves – are all very disappointed. They tried very hard today, and three of four events went normally. They weren’t completely successful on beam. They were better on floor than in qualifications. Unfortunately, these young girls became flustered because of the judging. This doubt affected the girls on beam, especially on Vika Komova. The competition was hard for her after a three-year break from major competition. But the British were not so much stronger than us today that they should have become bronze medalists after four falls with magical scores on bars. In the first place, for the young Russians this will be a lesson. A lesson in the necessity of concentrating on one’s own performance, to distance oneself entirely from one’s competitors. The fact that we have Olympic prospects is obvious. In the absence of the leader, Aliya Mustafina, a team made up of the returning Viktoria Komova and a bunch of young girls in their first years as senior gymnasts did well in contending for the bronze medal. But the judges, spectators and luck were on the side of the hosts today.”

Here's the truth - if a team keeps failing and it's not the fault of the athletes - it's the fault of the federation.  That Federation needs to take a good, long hard look at itself and make some serious changes. People need to be fired and replaced *cough* Rodionenkos. Sadly, they let Alexander Alexandrov slip from their fingers and he has now gone to Brazil

I would like to commend Aliya Mustafina. NBC commentators have referred to her as a diva before, but her only diva behavior is the command of her sport. She's also been a great example of sportsmanship and has gracefully congratulated her competitors and adorably let Simone Biles adjust her medal ribbon during the all-around final ceremony in 2013. She's a young woman that deserves the utmost respect in my book.

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