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MAG Team Final- Japan Takes Title & Another Historic GB Moment

Another day of gymnastics history was made at the men's team final in Glasgow.

The Japan men's team took the title for the first time since 1978, effectively ending the Chinese Men's team reign. The home team, Great Britain, took home another historic silver medal in this competition.

China took the bronze. Falls on pommel horse kept them out of the medals for a while, but they were able to build up enough steam to place them on the podium.

The USA fought hard after a rough qualification round, but were only able to pull off a 5th place finish after multiple errors on floor and pommel horse. Dannell Leyva hit an awesome high bar routine after Paul Ruggeri fell during his routine, but missed his handstand pommel horse dismount. Donell Whittenberg is a powerhouse on vault, he explodes like a supernova on his Dragulescu vault, but then for some reason, had a low score on floor. Paul Ruggeri's day wasn't much better, going out of bounds on his Tamayo. The guys ended on pommel horse, which is not at all their strong event. Even a 15.066 from Alex Naddour (aka Mr. Hollie Vise) couldn't save them.

The Japanese men fought for their gold medal today. Floor exercise was dominated by young Kenzo Shirai, who is renowned for his quad twisting abilities. On high bar, Yusuke Tanaka fell. All was not lost just yet, Kohei Uchimura only needed a 13 something to clinch the gold for his team. He fell too, but he finished the rest of his routine with no problems and scored enough for the team to win that gold medal.

Team Great Britain fueled by the home crowd, steadily and consistently rose up the leaderboard as the night whent on. They ended on floor with huge roars of approval from their fans. They were fantastic today.

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