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More Worlds Goodness - NCAA Style with Danusia and Toni Ann

From Oklahoma to UCLA to Cal - the NCAA could practically have an entire team represented at the World Championships in Glasgow, Scotland.

From one Ms. Brenna Dowell to the fabulous Danusia Francis.  Oh she is glorious, and her gloriousness is representing Jamaica at these worlds, along with Cal's, Toni-Ann Williams, who is just as fabulous and awesome.

Nush has adapted her NCAA routines to fit elite standards. She's taken her James Bond floor routine and still incorporates her super flexibility, with the leg behind the head floor pose. On beam, she has her glorious Silivas mount, however, she's taken out her glorious transverse aerial.  That breaks my heart.

Watch more videos on Gymnastike

Watch more videos on Gymnastike

Toni-Ann Williams looks fabulous on floor. Word on the street was she was training her Produnova beam dismount in training, I can't find it anywhere (lame). She's got some great skills. She opens with a huge double layout and her next pass is a full in. Toni Ann is sky high on her skills. It's going to be really exciting to see her compete.

Fun fact - the other gymnast competing for Jamaica is Maya Williams, whom I believe is Toni Ann's sister.

Watch more videos on Gymnastike

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