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Road to Rio: WAG Team Test Event and Automatic Qualifiers

This world championships is the last world championships before the Rio Olympic Games in Summer of 2016.

These world championships are a big deal because this event is acting as a qualifier to not only the Olympics themselves, but the Olympic Test event, the final qualifying event for the Olympics. The qualifications from the past two days in Glasgow have been a mad scramble to get that ticket to Rio.

The list of automatic qualifiers and those who must qualify through the test event.

The qualification process is a little complicated, but I can do my best to simplify it. I have included resources that can

The qualifications yesterday were a big part.

Let's start with the teams.

Here is what you need to know:

  • Teams placing in the top 8 (so team final qualifiers) get an automatic spot in the Olympic Games. 
  • Teams placing 9-16 must fight to the death in the Hunger Games, ahem, the Test Event, April 16.24, 2016. From there, the top 4 placing teams will earn a ticket to Rio.
  • Teams who placed 17-24 can send 2 all-around gymnasts to the April test event 
For individuals to qualify without a team they must:

  • Win a medal in Glasgow or...
  • If they placed high enough in the all-around during Glasgow - they can participate in the test event as an individual - but the spot technically belongs to the country and the country can name the individual that goes to the test event. 
  • They can be named via the Universality or Tripartite clauses. Universality = Europe, Asia, Africa and American Continents must be represented by at least 1 gymnast. Tripartite = spot named by the Olympic Tripartite Committee. Applies to countries who qualified 6 or less gymnasts to the last two Olympics.
  • Win the Hunger Games. Ok, that last one was sarcastic, but really, it kinda is in a way,...

This is really very complicated. GymCastic made a handy flow chart you can reference for a better understanding. (I highly recommend that. Unless you're super entertained by my Hunger Games jokes). The Gymternet also explained this in depth.

Based on the conclusion of the past two days of Qualifications for the World Championships here are automatic team qualifiers and who is going to the test event - complete with their rank and qualifying score:

Going to Rio:

Rank Team Total Score
1 USA 236.611
2 Russia 231.437
3 Great Britain 227.162
4 China 225.127
5 Italy 224.452
6 Japan 223.863
7 Canada 222.780
8 Netherlands 222.354

Needs to get a spot through the test event:

Rank Team Total Score
9 Brazil 221.861
10 France 219.919
11 Belgium 219.780
12 Germany 219.261
13 Romania 217.220
14 Australia 214.812
15 South Korea 213.744
16 Switzerland 213.094

Not sending a team - but CAN send 2 individual all-around gymnasts to the test event:

Rank Team Total Score
17 Spain 210.094
18 Hungary 209.552
19 Poland 208.527
20 North Korea 207.987
21 Mexico 206.628
22 Sweden 206.262
23 Austria 201.793
24 Greece 198.948

Full list of individual qualifiers will be listed later.

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