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WAG All-Around Final Preview

It is the day of the Women's All-Around final. Today, Gabby Douglas and Simone Biles, the reigning Olympic and world champions will go head to head for their shot of glory, with the current European Champion and the current Pan Ams Champion.

Well... Not really. Simone is heads and shoulders above the rest of the competition. To relate this to movie terms, Simone is the Regina George of this competition and everyone else is going to compete to be her plastic entourage. Or maybe a better analogy...Simone is the prom queen and everyone else is competing to get in her Prom Princess court.

Gabby is the current Olympic all-around champion and it's the first time since Nadia competed against Nellie Kim in the 1978 Worlds (spoiler alert, Nellie won). This comeptition has been filled with history making moments and the fact that the current world champion and the current olympic champion fill the same international competition space in 30 plus years is a huge feat in and of itself, considering most of the time, after winning that all-around Olympic title, the winners don't come back for seconds. Gabby's made it clear that she wants to do this because no previous American Olympic all-around champion has comeback for seconds (In 1980, Nadia returned to the Olympics in Moscow as the reigning all-around champion). Gabby's been set to prove her comeback is not just for show and she's directly said that in interviews "My comeback's not fake, guys." are her exact words. No, it's not fake, she's done fantastic and it's refreshing to see her do this and do so well. Chow led her into the first part of her senior elite career, now Kittia Carpenter is helping her with the second part of her senior elite career.

Gabby's not the only one who wants in that court. There is the reigning Homecoming Queen, ahem, the European Champion, Giulia Steingruber who userped Gabby in prelims for the second place spot going into today's final. Guilia has been on everyone's radar for a few years now, and she's been slowly gaining more steam in international competition. She's fantastic on vault, throwing her hand-spring Rudi and floor with a full twisting double layout in her repetoire.  She's not as consistent on bars, although she made vast improvements this year, cutting out a Markelov that was giving her problems.

Aside from Giulia, there is Ellie Black of Canada, who is the reigning Pan-Am all-around champion. She's incredibly consistent on all four events, but like Giulia, is definitely powerful on floor. If Gabby doesn't pull off an all-around medal in this compeition, I could see Ellie sneaking in and stealing her thunder. If either Ellie or Giulia or both can sneak in and medal, this will be huge for their country's gymnastics program.

But, there is Larisa Iordache. Larisa had the shittiest of shitty qualifying days and the all-around was the only final she or anyone else from the WAG Romanian team managed to qualify for after their splatfest last Friday. She could be just pissed off enough that she goes out and anger competes and beats everyone out for a medal and then jumps up and says "Screw you guys! I'm going home" all Cartman like.

Russia's Seda Tutkhalyan is in her first all-around worlds competition. I wouldn't necessarily count her out either.  She's small and she's Russian, but she's got a face that says "I'm going to kick your ass" and you believe her.

I'm also way rooting for little Amy Tinkler. Amy at least because she is adorable and she's the current British Champion. She's got huge skills on floor and bars, casually throwing a Markelov on bars and then scooting over to floor and throwing double doubles and full ins like everyone should do it all the time.

Here is the full list of today's competiors:

Rank Name Country
1 Biles, Simone USA
2 Steingruber, Giulia Switzeralnd
3 Douglas, Gabby USA
4 Black, Ellie Canada
5 Wevers, Lieke Netherlands
6 Tutkhalyan, Seda Russia
7 Tinkler, Amy Britain
8 Harrold, Ruby Britain
9 Murakami, Mai Japan
10 Oliveira, Lorrane Brazil
11 Shang Chunsong China
12 Schaefer, Pauline Germany
13 Lopes Saraiva, Flavia Brazil
14 Makra, Noemi Hungary
15 Iordache, Larisa Romania
16 Ferlito, Carlotta Italy
17 Tea Ugrin Italy
18 Wang Yan China
19 Teramoto, Asuka Japan
20 Verschueren, Lisa Belgium
21 Jurca, Laura Romania
22 Hermans, Rune Belgium
23 Seitz, Elisabeth Germany
24 Onyshko, Isabela Canada

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