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A Critique of Star Wars Gymnastics

The first Star Wars movie in ten years came out almost two weeks ago.

The Force was Awakened! Loved the movie, definitely on par with the original series for me. I recently forced my husband to watch the original trilogy and upon re-watching it, I discovered some gymnastics treasures. Gymnastics in Jedi training in Jedi battles. Lots of gymnastics.

I was bored, so decided to take a moment to analyze some gymnastics scenes in the Star Wars franchise.

Luke Skywalker handstand training in The Empire Strikes Back

Here we have Luke doing some Jedi training, which Yoda has decided involves Luke doing handstands and Yoda sitting on his foot. Luke is using the force to lift a rock. I'm disturbed by Luke's lack of toe point. Perhaps Luke could benefit from some Gage training, ala Ivana Hong.

Ahhh, perfection.
Maybe Jedi training should include balance beam?

Here, Yoda has decided that maybe it's not a good idea to sit on his student's feet. Luke has leg separations and still, that lack of toe point, tsk tsk tsk. 

Did dear old daddy Anakin have better toe point? I wonder. 

This scene from Return of the Jedi, Luke is about to be thrown into the sarlacc pit to be slowly digested over a thousand years. He jumps of the platform but grabs the lip and does a front tuck to a perfect landing and a perfect angle to catch his lightsaber.

That's some rhythmic gymnastics shit right there.

Okay, so he has good form, at least I see no horrific cowboying from this angle. Still, Ivana Hong can do it with pointed toes!

Sorry Luke, all roads lead to Ivana Hong.

Ivana is so on trend that she was sporting the same hairstyle sported by Daisy Ridley's character, Rey in Force Awakens during NCAA event finals. 

Ivana photo by Christy Ann Linder
And with that, I have just out-nerded myself. 

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