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Kentucky @ LSU Live Blog

Here we go - we're off to the races as I'm going to be live blogging Kentucky @ LSU, and I promise, that will be the last of the Kentucky Derby puns. Maybe.

Refresh the page every 5 -10 minutes for the latest!

Rotation 1 - LSU will be on vault, Kentucky will be on bars.

Oh John Rothlisberger, you crack me up.

Erin Macadeag VT LSU - FTY - short landing, chest down. 9.525

Katie Stuart KY UB -  jump HB,  tkatchev, slight feet flexing, bail,  full twisting DLO, stuck. Impressive for the first athlete up! 9.8

Sydney Ewing VT LSU - y 1 & 1 1/2 stuck. Nice. 9.975

Katrina Coca UB KY -  giant 1/2 - jaeger, bail, full in dismount small step.

Lexie Priessman  LSU VT- FTY - chest a little down, but very huge.9.725

Alex Hyland KY UB -  giant 1/1 gienger, toe shoot to hb, full in stuck. 9.8

Randii Wyrick VT LSU -  y 1/2, stick. piked some.

Cori Rechenmacher UB - giant 1/2 jaeger, bail, giant 1/1 -db

Myia Hambrick VT LSU -

Had to go pick up my dog from the groomer. I'm back now for the 3rd rotation

Aubrey Rosa - straddle jump, fro 1/1 fro lay 8.95

Michelle Gauthier LSU BB -  Jump to beam, foot slides, 1/1 turn, bhs loso, sissone, loso ro 1 & 1/2 9.650

Katie Stuart KY FX - dbl pike, lots of power, steps back.  1 1/2 fro lay, wolf 1/1, fhs rudi
Sydney Ewing - BB LSU -  BHS 2ft layout, piked in the lay, sw 1/4, gainer loso, straddle 1/4, ro 1 1 1/2 9.875

Tiara Phipps KY FX, double back, huge, fhs fr 1/1 fro lay, sw 1/4, popa, punch rudi,

Sarah Finnegan BB LSU 3/1 wolf turn,  bhs, loso, sw s 1/2, side somi, aerial 1/1 twist (instrumental" Don't Stop Believin" is her beam music, after a bars fal) 9.9

Taylor Puryear KY FX rudi to loso, sw ring tour 1/2, dbl back hands down. That sucks.9.350

Ashleigh Gnat BB LSU -  fro aerial,  1/1 turn, sw straddle, sw 1/4, BHS LOSO, Ro 2/1  twist 9.875

Sidney Dukes KY FX - double pike, fhs fro 1/1 fro tuck, sw ring sw 1/2, BHS double back,

4th Rotation - LSU to floor, Kentucky is on beam.

Montana Whittle BB KY - Gorgeous mount!, sw + tuck 1/1 jump,  aerial to korbut flip, gainer 1/1 9.7

Sydney Ewing - fhs rudi, fhs fro 1/1 to fro lay,  sw straddle + popa, double pike, very nice.

Amy Roemmele KY BB_ 1/1 turn, bhs loso,  sheep jump, aerial cartwheel,  straddle 3/4, ro 1 1/2 nearly stuck. Very nice routine! 9.85

Myia Hambrick FX LSU - DLO very straight,  2 1/2 punch front,  sw 1/1 + wolf, dbl pike 9.9

Aubrey Rosa KY BB - BHS lay 2 ft step back, fr aerial balance check,  cat - sw 1/4, BHS lOSO + 1/1 very cool combo 9.575

Shae Zamardi LSU FX- double arabian,  1/1 turn,  1/1 twist,  sw 1/4 +popa,  FHS 1 1/2 falls back

Cory Rechenmacher BB KY - Sheep, fr aerial,  1/1 turn, BHS LOSO, cat _ sw 1/2, gainer pike

Mckenna Kelly FX LSU - DLO (oob before her DLO!), fro lay + fr 1/1, tour jete 1/2 tuck 1/1, double back. Too bad about stepping out right off the bat). 9.65

Sidney Dukes BB KY - 1/1 turn, bhs loso, fro aerial,  sw + straddle 1/4, ro 1 1/2, clean. 9.9

Randii Wyrick LSU FX - full in  whip 1/2, fro lay pike fro 1/2,  1/1 turn funky leg, sw 1/4 popa,  stag jump, double tuck. 9.875

Alex Hyland BB KY - Sw + sissone,  fro aerial, + bhs, 1/1 turn,  cat leap tucked 1/1 dismount 9.85

Ashleigh Gnat FX LSU - DLO huge,  whip 2 1/2 fro tuck, sw ring,  double pike, exclamation point! 9.95

 LSU wins this derby with a 196.575, Kentucky has a solid 195.100.

Myia Hambrick wins the AA 39.325,  Sidney Dukes of Kentucky takes second with a 39.2 and ties Sarah Finnegan for first on the beam with a 9.9.

Great meet from what I saw (thanks PetsMart!). LSU impressive on floor. Kentucky has some beautiful gymnastics and some really strong athletes, despite I guess being a pretty freshman heavy line-up at this point in the season.  I'll be watching them more closely.

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