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Ohio State @ Michigan Live Blog

Doing a little Michigan vs. Ohio State Live Blog. Refresh the page every 15 minutes or so to follow in all the action!

1st Rotation - Michigan VT, Ohio State - UB

Briley Casanova leads off vault for Michigan. Yurchenko 1 & 1/2. Small step but very nice. 9.825. Good start for the Wolverines.

Maggie Dunn Leading off bars for Ohio State - Tkatchev, a little flat and a little Wogachev-y. Dismounts with super straight double lay. 9.625

Samantha Kent - Ohio State UB - Jump HB , tkatchev, bail, nice HS, double back dismount, step back. 9.725

Nicole Artz Michigan VT - FTY - lots of power, big step back. 9.8

Alexis Mattern - Jaeger - giant 1/1 to double back, clean landing. 9.750

Talia Chiarelli , Michigan- Y 1 &1/2- step forward, good power. 9.850

Rachel Abrams Ohio State- Jaeger, a little low, double lay dismount, sticks it. 9.725

Austin Sheppard Michigan - Beautiful FTY - step back on landing. 9.8

Taylor Harrison Ohio State - Giant 1/1 to double back (missed most of routine, sorry). 9.525

Olivia Karas Michigan - Y 1 & 1/2 - nearly stuck, could have held it, but still solid.

Kaitlyn Hofland Ohio State- Jaeger, bail, jump to HB, giant half to front tuck. 9.7

Exhibition Briana Brown Michigan - Y Double layout.

Michigan - 49.125

Ohio State - 48.525

Rotation 2: Vault - Ohio, UB - Michigan

Casanova Bars - giant 1/1 to gienger, bail giant 1/1 to double back. Huge amplitude and stuck landing. 9.85

Van Puten Oh. State - VT - FTY. Good power. 9.75

Nichelle Christopherson MIch- jump to HB,  Ray, huge, Loses body tension on handstand. Falls. Giant full to double ba. dismount.

Stone -Ohio State - Yurchenko Arabian? Step forward. 9.8

Sheppard UB -  giant 1.1 to huge tekatchev, bail, DLO, small step foward. Good routine. 9.8

Hofland VT - FTY9.7

Artz UB - jump hect hb, piked jaeger - bail, DLO, hop back. 9.8

Harrison, VT - FTY - great form and height. Flares it. 9.8

Karas UB - maloney to HB, pak, DLO small hop, good routine.  9.85

Mattern VT - HS pike 1/2? Good landing. 9.825

Briana Brown Michigan, UB - Ray, flexed feet, pak, beautiful lines, DLO stuck. 9.9

Oh Hey Stacy Ervin! What's up? Nice to see your shining face. My day is always made better by commercials featuring handsome gymnastics men. :)

49.200 Michigan on bars
48.925 Ohio State on vault

98.350 Total Michigan
97.450 Total Ohio State

Rotation 3:Michigan will go to beam. Ohio State will go to floor.

BB Olivia Karas - fro tuck. Sw 1/2. BHS + LOSO, 1/1 turn. Gainer pike dismount, sticks. 9.875

Abrams FX - 1st pass double pike, fhs, front lay + fro 1/1 2nd pass, sw 1/4 + popa, Roll handstand/headstand to stag position, double back last pass, Solid. 9.75

Brown BB - lovely lines.  Fro aerial, balance check. BHS, LOSO, sw + split jump. Side somi.  1/1 turn. round of 2/1 dismount. very nice. 9.8

Stefanie Merkle FX - 1st pass, 2 1/2 to punch front, maybe a little low? Wolf hop. Double pike. 2nd pass, last pass double tuck. High five teammates. 9.725

Lauren Marinez BB - jump split mount, super cool. Fr. Aerial to BHS to spl jump. 1/1 turn. Aerial WO. Stag ring jump, small wobble.  twising dismount lost count of twists. 9.8

Malone FX, Wolf 1/2, double pike, goes out of bounds and falls on her booty. I'd probably do something like that. LOL.  Sw 1/4 to straddle. She looks super pissed now. Last pass, double tuck, chest a little low. 8.925

Lindsay Williams BB -  Stag ring jump. Aerial cartwheel. 1/1 turn.  split full jump? BHS, BHS, LOSO.  1/1 twist dismount. 9.850

McClelland FX - double tuck 1st pass, popa, punch front lay to front 1/1.2nd pass. Side wolf jump? Interesting.  Double back last pass. 9.625

Artz BB - Is her beam song "don't stop belivin? "No, butStraddle jump. Fro aerial + bhs,  1/1 turn
front toss -wobble, str jump,  fro 1 1/2 dismount. 9.875

Harrison FX, 2nd pass 2 1/2 to punch front. FHS to fro 1 1/2 last pass. 9.850

Talia Chiarelli BB - She's feeling "Fancy" LOL, with that bhs LOSO combination. str + straddle. Aerial cartwheel. 1/1 turn.  Huge round off double tuck dismount, STICKS IT! And everybody goes nuts. 9.95

 Mattern  - FX - DLO huge first pass.  Fr lay to fr 1/1/, sw 1/1 lots of leap amplitude. double pike last pass.  9.85

Casanova is exhibitioning on beam - front tuck. 1/1 turn. BHS, LOSO, LOSO. sw 1/4.  straddle jump to back tuck.  Gainer Pike dismount.

Michigan Beam - 49.350
Ohio State Floor - 48.800

Totals after 3 rotations
Michigan 147.7
Ohio State - 146.250

Now to the fourth and final rotation. Michigan will end on floor and Ohio State will end on beam.

We will have for Michigan - Williams, McLean, Karas, Chiarelli, Artz, and Casanova.

Ohio State Dunn, Mattern, Merkle, Kent, Hofland, and Harrison

Dunn, BB -  BHS LOSO, aerial walkover. 1/1 turn.  RO 1 1/2 dismount. 9.775

Williams FX - "Feeling Good" about this routine. HA! Double pike 1st pass, clean.  tour jete 1/1 to sw 1/2. 1 1/2 to front full second pass. Double tuck lass pass. Good landing. Big smile. 9.825

Mattern BB - Falls on her series. Front toss sw 1/4.Gainer 1/1 dismount stick it. 9.050

McLean FX - double pike, huge, bounces out a bit. Fro lay to fro 1/1. Interesting turn on her knee or was that a wolf turn? Sw 1/4 + straddle. Double tuck, lands low and steps forward. 9.7

Merkle - Headstand mount, very interesting. 1/1 turn. Sw 1/2.  Fr aerial WO. BHS +LOSO.  switch + gainer pike dismount.

Karas FX -That arm choreo looks like a move I did in my body combat class earlier. Huge double arabian opening pass. Switch 1/2 + wolf jump.  Punch front lay to front 1/1. Double pike, huge height. 9.825

Kent FX -  chin stand ala ASAC. 1/1 turn.BHS +LOSO.  Split + sheep jump.  Fro aerial balance check. Gainer pike, small step back.  9.775

Chiarelli FX - open double Arabian, lands a little short. 1 1/2 to front lay. switch to popa, huge amplitude on her leaps. Double pike, lands with ease. She says "What, like it's hard?" 9.825

Hofland  BB - BHS LOSO - nice extension and lift. 2/1 turn. (or was it a triple) BHS 1/1.  Sw + split jump. Gainer tucked full. Very nice routine. 9.825

Artz FX - Pike full in 1st pass. sw 1/2 to popa. 2nd FHS front lay to fr 1/1. Fro toss to sit. Double pike last pass.  9.9

Harrison BB -   BHS +LOSO+ LOSO! Sw + split. 1/1 turn. Fro Aerial. Gainer 1/1. Nice routine. Impressed with Ohio State's beam work. 9.9

Ohio State finishes with a 195.275, 49.025 on beam.

Casanova FX - DLO - maybe a little low in chest? fro /1 to fro lay.switch side to popa.  Silivas knee spin. Fro HS to Fr 1 1/2. 9.875

Michigan 196.950, with a 49.250 on FX - way to be consistent, Michigan!

Brown is done with her FX exhibition, cue the victory fight song!

Final thoughts:

Damn Michigan! Where have  you been all my life? Way to be consistent! Third week in a row of high 196 plus. Only one fall this whole meet. I think the week head start they got in Cancun has really benefited them. They're looking super confident and fierce. Could they possibly beat out favorites like Florida and Oklahoma for that coveted NCAA Championship title?

Great beam work from Ohio State. They definitely improved as the meet went on.  Hopefully, with some more of that type of consistency, we can see them break into the 196 range.  Taylor Harrison as super impressive with that back handspring to TWO layout step out series.  We never see that in elite anymore, so to see it in NCAA, super impressive!

All Around went to Olivia Karas - 39.425

Vault- Olivia Karas 9.875

Bars - Briana Brown 9.9

Beam - Talia Chiarelli - 9.95

Floor - Nicole Artz - 9.9

For full score breakdown by event, visit the meet results page here.

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