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Oklahoma @ Arkansas Live Blog

Happy Sunday! Today, I am live blogging Oklahoma at Arkansas. Refresh the page every so often for the latest action.

Arkansas is on Vault and Oklahoma is on the uneven bars.

Leah MacMoyle VT ARK - FTY nice. Good form. 9.725

Ali Jackson UB -  piked jaeger, bail, stuck dismount 9.875

Lerhman UB - straddled jaeger bail. Full out

Grace Beam - 9.8

Chayse Capps UB - jump to HB - giant 1/1 to tkatchev - bail full out step FWD.

Haley Scaman UB - jump hect giant 1/2 to piked jaeger - bail full in small step back

Amanda Wellick VT - FTY - nice form small hop

Keeley Kmeeciak UB -  Ray + bail, full out dismount, stuck.

Makenzie Anderson - VT - FTY - high, but big step back

McKenzie Wofford - giant 1/1, jaeger, bail, full in dismount 9.9
Arkansas 49.2
Oklahoma 49.275 -

2nd Rotation -

Arkansas is on bars, Oklahoma is on vault.

Charity Jones VT - FTY 9.9

Keara Glover ARK UB - bail, double back

Alex Marks VT- FTY small hop 9.8

ERin Freier Ark UB -  jump KCHS, maloney, over on HS,  bail, DLO dismount

Keely Kmeeciak VT OK - FTY nice body line, small hop.

Stephani Canizaro ARK UB - Maloney, bail, Ray (huge), DLO dismount. 9.650

Chayse Capps OK VT -  FTY nice height, slide back. 9.825

Wellick ARK UB-  Shaposh (old school), tkatchev, a little flat, flexed feet, double front, sticks 9.85

Scaman OK VT - Y 1 1/2. Step forward, nice to see some difficulty. 9.875

Braie Speed - Jaeger, huge,  bail,  toe 1/1, full out dismount stuck, very nice.

Jackson  OK VT - Y 1 /2 small hop fwd. 9.95

Paige Zasiski ARK UB - giant 1/1/ _ tkatchev, bail, toe shoot to HB, DLO, stuck or with miniscule hop. Good difficulty. 9.9

Hunter Price OK VT exhibition - pike front half. Chest down small hop.

Vault Oklahoma - 49.350 -2 event total 98.625
Bars Arkansas - 48.975 - 2 event total 98.175

Rotation 3 - Oklahoma goes to floor, Arkansas the home team will go to beam. It's close so far! Will the Sooners pull off a win, or will the Gymbacks pull off an upset?

Sydnie Dilard ARK BB - Fr aerial, bhs so to loso, full turn, switch leap, ro 1 1/2 dismount 9.825

Kmieciak FX OK - Double pike 1st pass, fro lay to fro full, last pass, double back, very clean.  9.8
(Really commentator man? Big air? Gymnastics isn't snowboarding.) 9.8

Zasiski BB ARK -  sw 1/4, BHS + LOSO, sissone + split jump, 1/1 turn, balance check,  front toss,  gainer 1/1. 9.875

Natalie Brown OK FX - OOB 2nd pass, fro 1 1/2 9.85

Wellick BB ARK - SPl + straddle, fr aerial, bhs loso, big break, full turn another wobble,  side somi, Ro 2/1 dismount hop back. 9.7

Capps OK FX (angels sing) - DBL pike, step,  fro hs + fro lay + fro 1/1, popa, fro hs 1/1 twist.9.775

Freier BB ARK -  sw + sissone, BHS + LOSO,  aerial cartwheel,  stag ring jump, gainer 1/1 dismount. 9.8

Jones FX OK -  2 1/2 to punch fro.  fro 1/1 - fro layout. sw 1/1,  double pike.9.85

Sydney McGlone - bhs loso big bal check sissone to loso,  sw 1/4, ro 1 1/2. 9.575

Jackson FX OK -  bhs 1 1/2 + 2/1,  fro 1/2 to fro 1/1,sw 1/4 + popa, dbl pike. 9.850

Samantha Nelson ARK BB - side straddle, BHS - LOSO,  sw  - straddle,  fro tuck,  1/1 turn. RO
 1/2 9.825

Scaman OK FX - DLO 1st pass super control, fr lay to fro 1 1/2 loso,  double back.9.9

MacMoyle EXH - BB ARK - LOSO, 1/1 turn,  sw 1/4, fro toss, (big bal check), straddle, gainer loso

Alex Marks EXH FX OK - FHS fro 1/1, 2 1/2 twist,  tour jete, fro 1/2.

Beam Arkansas - 49.025 - 3 event total 147.175

Floor Oklahoma -49.175, 147.850 3 event total

Final Rotation - Oklahoma shows off their beam chops and Arkansas will finish on floor.

Kmieciack BB OK -  BHS LOSO, Ro double back dismount, small hop. 9.8

Dilliard ARK FX - fro 1/1,  switch ring L-jump 1/1,  fro hs fro 1/1, fro lay + spl

Lehrman, BB OK -  chest stand mt,  fro aerial, balance check, BHS LOSO,  straddle, ro 1 1/2  twist 9.7

Canizaro ARK FX - dbl pike, 1st pass, double back, sissone, fro lay 9.65

Jones BB OK - LOSO,  1/1 turn,  fro toss, spl leap to spl jump,  ro 1 1/2 stuck landing. 9.85

MacMoyle ARK FX- DLB pike,  1 1/2 + fro 1/1, dbl back, chest down, big step fwd. 9.6

Brown -  fr aerial wobble, BHS LOSO,  straddle 1/1, 1/1 turn, aerial cartwheel, gainer 1/19.825

Nelson FX ARK - DLB pike,  sw 1/4 straddle, 1 1/2 to fro lay, dbl back, bounce out

Kara Lovan OK BB- Straddle -  BHS + LOSO, off the beam, fr aerial,   1/1 turn, gainer 1/1 sticks 9.350 - sooners will want to drop that score

McGlone ARK FX - DBL pike,  sw 1/1 -straddle,  2 1/2 twist, fro 1/1 to fro lay.

Capps BB OK -  press hs to spl,  glorious! bhs bhs loso,  1/1 turn,  aerial fro walkover,  sw  + straddle, ro gainer 1/1. 9.925

Wellick ARK FX - DBL pike,  butterfly, fro 1/1 to fro lay to fro tuck, sw 1/4 to straddle, dbl back, chest maybe little down,  9.675 (48.725)

Scaman EXH BB - BHS LOSO,  1/1 turn, fro toss, off the beam. sw 1/4,  back wo hs gainer 1/1 - a lot of promise there.

Mackenzie Anderson EXH FX ARK -  fro lay 1/1 to fro lay, sw ring + tour jete, DBL Back

BB total Oklahoma 49.100, total 196.950
FX total Ark 48.725 total 195.900

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