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Washington @ Arizona State Live Blog

Happy Martin Luther King Day! Honor Dr. King's memory by following along with me while I live blog Arizona State versus Washington. Refresh the page to follow along.

Arizona State is the home team and will be starting on vault. Washington will be on bars.

Katelyn Lentz ASU - FTY - hop. 9.650

Hailey Burleson Bars Wash - Tkatchev, bail,  giant 1/1 double tuck, looses it and sits down 9.125

Corrine Belkov VT ASU - FTY - low landing step foward. 9.475

Jessica Nessis UB  Wash- DLO dismount, difficult start, very short on first KCHS 9.5

Allie Salas Vt ASU - FTY - very far from vault, nice form 9.75

Janae Janik UB Wash - jump to hb kchs, giant 1/1 to pak, toe shoot to hb, giant 1/1 to double tuck small step fwd. 9.6

Morgan Wilson VT  ASU- FTY - huge height. hop back.

Zoey Schaefer UB Wash - tkatchev,  bail,  stuck DLO. Nice. 9.75

Taylor Allex ASU - VT -  Y 1/2, huge. small hop. 9.9

Kaitlyn Duranczyck- UB Wash - jaeger,  bail, little form issue,  DLO, small steps back,

Carissa Kraus ASU VT - FTY step back. 9.5

Allison Northey Wash UB -  blind change to pike jaeger to bail, full out good. 9.75

ASU 48.500 Vault total

Washington 48.350 Bars total

Second Rotation coming up -ASU goes to bars, Washington goes to vault.

Joslyn Goings WASH VT - FTY 9.7

Morgan Wilson ASU UB -  giant 1/1  jaeger, bail, double back dismount. 9.6

Stephanie Stowe WASH VT - FTY - step back 9.550

Allie Salas ASU UB -  jump straight hecht, giant 1/1 - bail, DLO step back 9.675

Hailey Burleson VT WASH- FTY - leg sep on landing 9.8

Kristinee Levin ASU UB - Tkatchev, bail,  giant 1/1 double tuck 9.55

Alex Yacalis WASH VT - FTY - small step back. 9.775

Heather Udodwitch ASU  giant 1/2 to jaeger, bail,  stalder to double back 9.525

Alison Northery WASH VT - FTY pikes a bit in the air. nice 9.775

Eileen Imbus ASU UB - falls on bail, DLO hop 8.875

Fairth Morrison WASH VT - Yurchenko Lay, step back. 9.6

Carissa Kraus ASU UB - Falls on KCHS,  giant 1/1 peels off on her tkatchev. Oof, that hurts for ASU, going to have to count a fall. Starts back with her bail,  NICE DLO, sticks, She ended it well, but oh man. that hurts. 8.150 - that really hurts.

ASU gets a bar total of 47.225

Washington gets a vault total of 48.350 moves ahead of ASU with 2 event total of 97 to ASU's 95.725 2 event total.

Third Rotation - ASU will be on beam and Washington will be on floor.

Rene Lyst is meditating with Allie Salas and I'm checking my watch impatiently.

Allie leads off for ASU on beam - BHS LOSO is off and come down, 1/1 turn, (eesh) sw 1/4,  front tuck,  switch + pike jump,  front 1/1 dismount 9.025

Hailey Burleson leads off for Washington on FX - huge dobule pike,  wolf 1/1 to jump ballet turn, 1 1 1/2 to front tuck, ring jump,  2/1/2 short but still lands it. 9.65

Heather Udodwitch BB ASU - HS mt.,  fro aerial to bhs,  sw to spl jump,  1/1 turn, fro toss, bal check, aerial cartwheel to 1/1 dismount 9.7

Guess Zoey Schaefer's bar score was downgraded a .25 of a tenth?

Schaefer FX - DBL back, fro 1/1 (2) to stag jump,  tour jete,  dbl pike 9.825

Morgan Wilson BB ASU - spl to tuck jump 1/1, BHS LOSO, 1/1 turn, sw to back tuck, fro toss to wolf jump, ro 1 1/2 twist, hop fwd, very nice. 9.7

Alex Yacalis WASH FX - full in , low landing, dbl back, bounces out of it, sw to tuck 1/1 to wolf 1/1,  whip to 1 1/2 9.575

Taylor Allex BB ASU -  back walkover, elegant, 1/1 turn, BHS LOSO off the beam 2 falls on beam, ick, sw - sw 1/4 fro toss balance check, fr 1 1/2. 9.025

Katelyn Duranczyk WASH FX - fro tuck to double pike,  side straddle, popa, straddle 1/2,  back tuck 9.8

Corinne Belkov, BB ASU - BHS BHS LOSO big break,  sw - sw 1/4, 1 hand fhs to korbut, round off 1 1/2 twist. 9.575

Faith Morrison WASH FX - huge double arabian opening. 1/1 turn, fhs fro 1/1 to fro lay. sw 1/2 to popa to sw 1/4, double back. Solid routine. 9.825

Katelyn Lentz BB ASU - BHS LOSO balance check, saves it.  sw to sw side,  1/1 turn, sw 1/4,  round off double tuck, hop back, good routine. 9.8

Allison Northey FX WASH - dobule pike, 1/1 turn, 1 1/2 to fro lay,  tour jete 1/2 to popa,  double back. 9.825

48.9 for Washington on floor.

ASU struggled on beam, scored a 47.8 having to count two falls and multiple errors.

Washington 3 event total 145.875

ASU 3 event total 143.550

Final rotation, Washington will end on beam and ASU will end on floor. Barring an act of God, I think Washington will pull off an upset over ASU on their home turf.

 Joslyn Goings leads off WASH on beam - bhs, bhs, LOSO, straddle to side straddle, 1/1 turn, gainer loso, off balance slightly, pretends it didn't happen, aerial cartwheel to 1/1 twist stuck. 9.775

Katelyn Lentz leads off ASU on FX - dbl pike, fro 1/1 to fro lay, straddle jump, double back solid. 9.775

Hailey Burleson BB WASH - bhs loso wobble, saves it,  stick jump, aerial carthweel, sw leap bal check straddle side, 1/1 turn, aerial to 1/1 twist. 9.65

Kristine Levin ASU FX - double pike, bob fosse choreo, fro lay to fro 1/1 sw 1/4 to sw 1/2, fr hs to rudi. 9.625

Janae Janik, Fro aerial wobble misses connection ,sw - straight jump, 1/1 turn, aerial charwheel, gainer pike 9.225

Morgan Wilson ASU FX - double pike,  fro lay to fro 1/1, sw 1/2 to wolf 1/1, (high school band flashbacks with the Mission Impossible theme don't mind me) finishes with a double tuck 9.7

Kaitlyn Duranczyck BB WASH - gainer loso loso wobble, holds it,  wolf jump to straight, sw 1.4, 1/1 turn,  ro 1 1/2 dismount 9.675

Corinne Belkov WASH FX, double pike chest down fhs rudi,  sw 1/4, straddle, 1 1/2 to fro lay. 9.7

Allison Northey BB WASH -  1/1 turn, sw to sw 1/1 bal bhs, loso slightly off, shakes it off and keeps on going, fro toss, ro 1 1/2 dismount. 9.85

Allie Salas ASU FX to Santana  fr 2/1 twist, fro lay to fro 11/,sw 1/2 to popa, double pike. 9 825

Malory Rose WASH BB - spl jump on beam mt, fro aerial to bhs,  memmel 1/1 turn, sw + spl, aerial cartwheel, aerial cartwheel to 1/1 twist (Titanium was definitely an appropriate finishing song to play for Washington on beam). 9.75

Taylor ALlex ASU FX - double arabian huge, 2 1/2 to tuck 1/1 front, fr hs to rudi, 9.9

ASU scores a 48.9 on floor, all-around total 192.450

Washington finishes strong, 48.7 on beam, all-around total of 194.575, wins with a 2.125 gap over ASU. Boom. I'm super impressed with Washington. They may not be getting ridiculous Florida scores, but they were consistent and I'm excited to see how far they can come this season. They're in my hometown, Denver this Saturday.

And with that, I have writers cramp, so I bid you all adieu.

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