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Kentucky @ West Virginia Live Blog

Sunday NCAA Gymnastics action coming your way today. This afternoon, it's #22 Kentucky at #27, West Virginia.

Last weekend at Alabama,  West Virginia had a beam disaster which cost them the meet.  Will they be triumphant at home? Of course Kentucky has a very eager and willing freshman heavy team that is capable of staying cool under pressure.

Refresh the page every few minutes to get all the latest action in Morgantown!

 Besides everyone's favorite ginger, Sidney Dukes, pay attention to Sidney's classmates, Alex Hyland and Katrina Coca. They're extremely reliable and talented athletes that are likely to be big players for Kentucky as the season wears on and as their collegiate careers continue.

For West Virginia, Zaakira Muhammed is a reliable and consistent performer. Alexa Goldberg is one to watch and I'm curious to see the status of Sarah Moore, who may have obtained an injury last weekend at Alabama.

Rotation One, West Virginia the home team will start on vault and Kentucky will begin on bars.

Line-ups for rotation one:
West Virginia Vault:
Robyn Bernard
Alexa Goldberg
Amanda Bowman
Jaida Lawrence
Kira Kohsinski
Zaakira Muhammed

Kentucky Bars:
Katrina Coca
Katie Carlisle
Sydney Waltz
Cori Rechenmacher
Sidney Dukes
Marissa Beucler

Robyn Bernard leads of vault for West Virginia - Yurchenko 1/2, step on the landing 9.75

Katrina Coca leads off bars for Kentucky - bail,  full in, big hop back 9.775

Alexa Goldeberg WVU, VT - FTY, hop to the side. 9.725

Katrie Carlisle UB Kentucky- jaeger, bail,  full in, step on the landing. She didn't  quite hold the landing position. 9.625

Amanda Bowman VT WVU -  FTY, stuck, chest was a little low though 9.7

Sidney Waltz KY bars - jaeger, hits heels on bars and stalls her rotations bail,  giant 1/1 + double back, good landing 9.2

Jaida Lawrence VT WVU - FTY, lots of power 9.8

Cori Rechenmacher UB - jaeger, bail,  giant 1/1+ double back.9.85

Kirah Koshinski VT WVU -  Yurchenko 1 1/2, small step 9.85

Sidney Dukes, UB  KY -pak, DLO good landing 9.875

Zaakira Muhammed VT WVU - FTY 9.875

Marissa Beucler UB KY -  jump KCHS, giant 1/2 + jaeger, full in, good landing, some messy legs on second flip. 9.8

After the first rotation - the home team has a slight upper hand, but as we know, that could change in an instant. Kentucky will go to vault for the second rotation and West Virginia heads to bars.

Scores after the first rotation:
West Virginia vault 49.000
Kentucky bars 48.925

Leading off vault for Kentucky - Marissa Beucler - FTY hop on the landing 9.675

Robyn Bernard UB WEst Virginia - jaeger,  bail,  giant 1/1 + double back. small step 9.675

Katrina Coca VT KY -  FTY, step back to the side on the landing 9.75

Zaakira Muhammed WVU UB -  KCHS + tkatchev,  giant 1/2 + straddle back, DLO, beautiful form in air, small hop on landing. 9.75

Alex Hyland VT KY - FTY, step back. 9.8

Tiara Wright WVU - maloney, bail, stalder shoot to HB, stalder + double back dismount. 9.8

Aubree Rosa KY VT - FTY, much power, distance, small hop 9.825

Jacquie Tun UB West Virginia - glide KCHS, toe shoot, giant 1/2 + jaeger, bail,  DLO, step back. 9.7

Katie Stuart VT Kentucky- FTY, stuck. very nice.9.9

Alexa Goldberg UB West Virginia- jump kchs, giant 1/1 + pike jaeger, bail, DLO, beautiful and stuck. 9.9

Sidney Dukes Kentucky VT - Yurchenko Arabian, hop FWD 9.85

 Jordan Gillete toe shoot to HB, gienger clear hip + pak,  giant 1/1 + double back, step fwd, chest was down. 9.625

Awesome vault rotation for Kentucky, West Virginia showed some impressive bar workers in their rotation.

Scores after 2 rotations:
Kentucky 98.050, vault total 49.125
West Virginia, bars total 48.825

Third rotation - Kentucky will head to floor and West Virginia will be on balance beam.

Scores after 3 rotations:
Kentucky 146.875, floor total 48.875
West Virginia 146.400, beam total 48.575

Leading off beam for West Virginia  Alexa Goldberg - fro aerial,  sw + straddle Cross+ beat jump,  front walkover + LOSO,  1/1 turn,  front 1/1 dismount, hop on the landing. 9.775

Leading off floor for Kentucky Amy Roemmele - double pike low landing,  punch rudi, sw 1/4 + wolf jump,  1 1/2 + fro 1/1. 9.65

Melissa Idell BB West Virginia -  fro aerial + BHS,  1/1 turn,  cat leap + switch leap, spl jump,  BHS + LOSO + 1/1 twist. 9.85

Alex Hyland FX Kentucky- double pike, sw 1/2 + wolf 1/1,  1 1/2 + fro 1/1. 9.8

Audrey Tolbert BB West Virginia - 1/1 turn,   fro aerial + BHS, balance check, sw leap,   sissone + straddle 1/2,  beat jump (balance check) beat + wolf,  fro 1/1 dismount, hop on the landing 9.625

Katie Stuart Kentucky FX -  double pike, big step out,  1 1/2 + fro lay, sw + wolf 1/1, FHS + rudi. 9.775

Kirah Koshinski BB West Virginia - beat jump + loso,  BHS +LOSO,  1/1 turn,  sw, beat + straddle 3/4, front 1/1 dismount 9.675

Taylor Puryear Kentucky FX -  Punch rudi +loso,  sw ring + tour jete, straddle jump, double back, nails the landing. 9.8

Tiara Wright BB West Virginia -  beat + split 1/2,  fro aerial + korbut,   1/1 turn, small balance check,  front toss, gainer pike dismount, stuck. 9.425

Sidney Dukes Kentucky FX -double pike, clean,  fro hs + fro 1/1 + fro layout, switch ring + sw 1/2,  double back. 9.8

Carly Galpin BHS +LOSO, scale, beautiful,  spl + sheep, big break,  aerial cartwheel + 1/1 twist. 9.65

Aubree Rosa FX Kentucky - DLO, under rotates, hands down,  sw 1/4 + wolf 1/2, straddle jump,  fro lay + fro 1/1 9.075

Finally have a score, the judges took 100 years to judge Aubree Rosa's routine. Onto the final rotation, West Virginia goes to floor, Kentucky goes to beam

Montana whittle BB Ky - 1/1 turn,  sw + tuck 1/1,  aerial + korbut, wolf + double stag ring, gainer pike dismount 9.725

Melissa Idell West Virginia FX -  FHS +  fro 2/1 twist,  2/1 twist back + loso, sw ring + tour jete. FHS + rudi. 9.85

Amy Roemmele BB Kentucky -  BHS +LOSO,  sheep jump, aerial cartwheel, sw + straddle 3/4,  round off + 1 1/2 twist, stuck. 9.8

Zaakira Muhammed FX West Virginia -  front tuck + double back,  sw 1/2+ tour jete 1/1,  double pike, 9.85

Katie Stuart KentuckyBB -  1/1 turn, spl + stag ring, BHS +LOSO, cat leap+aerial cartwheel, nice side scale,  round off + 1 1/2 dismount, stuck.  9.85

Jordan Gillette West Virginia FX - double pike, double back,  sw 1/1 + popa,  1 1/2 + fro lay. 9.825

Cori Rechenmacher BB Kentucky -  beat + sheep jump,  fro aerial,   1/1 turn,  BHS +LOSO cat leap + sw 1/2, falls, round off + 1 1/2 9.3

Alexa Goldberg WEst Virginia FX -  full in opening pass,  FHS + rudi + back tuck, sw 1/2 + sw 1/4,  dobule back, cat leap, 1/1 memmel turn, 9.8

Sidney Dukes sw 1/2, 1/1 turn, BHS +LOSO, fro aerial + beat jump, spl + straddle 1/4,  round off + 1 1/2 twist dismount.

Kirah Koshinski FX west Virginia -  DLO, huge,  1 1/2 + fro lay,  tour jete 1/2 + popa,  double pike, clean. 9.875

Alex Hyland BB Ky - sw + spl,  cat leap + fro aerial + BHS,  1/1 turn, cat leap + aerial cartwheel + tucked 1/1 dismount. 9.625

Jacquie Tun FX  West Virginia- double back,  wolf 1/1 + popa,  whip + 2/1 twist,  sw 1/4 + popa,  FHS + rudi. 9.775

Final Scores:
Kentucky 195.750, beam total 48.825
West Virginia 195.600, floor total 49.200

Join me in about 30 minutes for UCLA @ Washington at 2 p.m MST.

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