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Michigan, UC Davis @ Southern Utah Live Blog

Tonight I'm live blogging Michigan and UC Davis at Southern Utah.

Since it's being broadcast on Flo Gymnastics and not all of you want to fork over the money for it, you can follow along in all the action here. Just refresh the page every few minutes for the latest happenings

Introductions are going on as we speak.

Rotation one - Michigan will be on bars, Southern Utah Will be on vault, and UC Davis will be on beam.

Michigan Bars Line-Up:

SUU Vault

UC Davis Beam

SUU VT Caitlyn Kessel - FTY 9.775

Nichelle Christopherson UB Mich - jump KCHSm ray,  bail,  giant 1/1 + double back, hop back 9.75

Blake SUU VT FTY hop back.

Lindsay Williams UB Mich -  jump hecht kchs, looses it,  ginat 1/2 = jaeger,  bail, DLO 9.4

On beam for UC Davis Rachel Kreager I think - , girl did a pull up unde rmount, BHS + LOSO, falls,  switch + sw 1/2 1/1 turn,  round off + 2/1 twist

Brianna Brown UB Mich - ray,  toe on + pak,  toe cir, DLO, big hop back, leg seps in air. 9.775

Yasmine Yetkateparast BB UC Davis- VHS +LOSO, big balance check. sw + sw 1/4,  1/1 turn,  cartwheel gainer 1/1 dismount

Olivia Karas Michigan UB -  KCHS, DLO 9.8

Nicole Artz UB Mich - jump hecht,  KCHS giatn 1/2 + piked jaeger + bail, feed cut out and I missed her dismount. Grr. 9.875

Stephanie Stamatas of UC Davis received a 9.825 on beam.

Second Rotation - Michigan goes to beam, SUU goes to bars and UC Davis will be on floor.

Scores after first rotation:
Michigan bars 49.075
SUU vault 49
UC Davis beam 48.075

Olivia Karas leads off beam for Michigan -  cat leap + switch 1/2,  beat jump, BHS +LOSO. stupid feed cut off again. 9.6

Dani Judal UC Davis  - FX - double pike puts hands down, switch 1/2 + tour jete 1/1, punch rudi, 9.175

Briana Brown Michigan - split leap, cat leap + side somi,  1/1 turn, round off 2/1 dismount, stuck. 9.8

Lauren Marinez BB Michigan - fro aerial, cat  leap + aerial balance check, beat jump + double stag ring 9.875

Kara Jones FX UC Davis - Double pike,  sw ring + sw 1/2 , for 1/1 + fro lay, FHS Rudi. 9.725

Lindsay Williams BB Michigan - aerial cartwheel,  1/1 turn, sw 1/2 falls, BHS +LOSO,  spl, round off  + 1 1/2 twist, step fwd.  9.35

Miranda Holder FX UC Davis - sw side+ popa,  fro lay + fro 1/1 9.525

Nicole Artz Michigan BB -  pike + straddle 3/4,  fro aerial balance check,  1/1 turn,  fro toss, Fall? two falls for Michigan no bueno.fro toss +BHS, 9.3

Amanda Presswood UC Davis- FX nice front lay + front 1/1, 9.775

Talia Chiarelli BB michigan -  BHS + LOSO, biiiig wobble,   beat + straddle 3/4 jump,  cat leap + aerial cartwheel, 1/1 turn, round off + double back. stuck. 9.625

That was not a good beam rotation for Michigan.

Yasmine Yektaparast FX  UC Davis- double pike,   sw 1/4 + popa,  2 1/2 + punch front and the feed cut out. (there is a recurring theme here if you haven't picked up yet). 9.8

Third rotation - Michigan moves to floor, Southern Utah goes to beam, UC Davis goes to vault

Scores after 2 rotations:
Southern Utah 97.8 bars score 48.800
Michigan 97.325, beam score 48.250
UC Davis 96.800, floor score 48.275

If Southern Utah overtakes Michigan in this meet, that would make this meet very, very exciting. Oh the parity!

Lindsay Williams leads off floor for Michigan - if the feed will behave. front layout + fro 1/1, double back.  9.8

Briana Brown FX -  double pike,  1 1/2 + fro lay,  sw 1/2 + tour jete 1/1,  double tuck.

Lindsay Williams FX Michigan -  double pike, s w 1/4 + popa,  feed cut out.

I'm catching SUU on beam from the side of my screen. They're doing well on beam.

Olivia Karas FX Michigan - sits down her double arabian, fro lay + fro 1/1,  double pike. 9.225

Nicole Artz Michigan FX -  pike full in,  fro lay + fro 1/1, double pike.

Solid beam rotation for southern utah!

Talia Chiarelli anchors floor for Michigan -  full in tucked,  fro 1/1 + fro lay + fro tuck,  sw 1/4 + popa, clean double pike to finish. Brava Mademoiselle Chiarelli!

After 3 rotations

Southern Utah still has the lead! 146.850, beam total 49.05
Michigan 146.575, floor total 49.250
UC Davis 145.375, vault total 48.575

Last rotation, Southern Utah is on floor, Michigan ends on vault and UC Davis ends on bars.

Michigan Vault:
Emma McClean - FTY, low chest. 9.75

Briana Brown - FTY, big hop back. 9.8

Talia Chiarelli - Yurchenko 1 & 1/2, big hop on the landing. 9.85

Austin Sheppard - FTY - hop back. 9.875

Olivia Karas - Yurchenko 1 & 1/2, hop fwd.

Final scores -

Southern Utah's got it! 196.300, floor total 49.450
Michigan 195.750, vault 49.175
UC Davis 194.025, bars 48.650

Join me tomorrow afternoon at 3 p.m. Mountain time for more exciting live blogging. Tomorrow should be a better day for me. I apologize.

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