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Stanford @ Oregon State Live Blog

It's February 29, 2016, Leap Day.

Today, Stanford is leaping at Oregon State for a dual meet.  Hopefully, everyone will get credit for all their leaps on floor an beam tonight. To keep up with these leaping ladies and their gymnastics, refresh the page to follow along every few minutes or so.
Both teams had success last year, Stanford made the Super Six final for the first time in a long time and Oregon State made the NCAA national championships for the first time. This year however, both Stanford and Oregon State have been a little inconsistent this year. They've been dealing with injuries that have depleted their depth and has contributed to their issues.

First rotation - Oregon State, the home team, will start on vault and Stanford, the visiting team, will start their night on bars. I'm looking forward to Ebee Price pulling out some angry gymnastics after she had an unusual fall last weekend on bars in this rotation.

Leading off vault for Oregon State Mary Jacobsen -  Tsuk 1/1,  leg seps in the air, piking in the air. 9.7

Leading off bars for Stanford Nikki McNair -  KCHS giant 1/2 + pike jaeger,  bail + toe shoot, full in, beautiful form, stuck. 9.8

McKenna Singley VT Oregon State - FTY, legs glued together, some knee bend, hop on landing. 9.675

Taylor Rice UB Stanford - glide KCHS, toe shoot giant 1/2 + jaeger + pak, stalder, KCHS, giant 1/1 + double back. Small step back. 9.75

Taylor Ricci VT Oregon State - FTY, piked down, chest down, but stuck landing. 9,7

Danielle McNair UB Stanford -  giant 1/2 + jaeger + bail,  toe shoot to HB, DLO, some piking in thee air, step on landing 9.65

Shireen Khamadoost Oregon State VT - FTY,  leg seps on entry, some knee bend, good landning and distance. 9.7

Dare Maxwell UB Stanford -  jump KCHS,  toe on + ray + bail,  good extension, giant 1/1 + double back, small step. Solid routine. 9.8

Megan Jiminez VT Oregon State -  FTY, good form in air, hop on landing. 9.775

Eizabeth "Ebee" Price Stanford UB -  glide KCHS + maloney + clear hip + church + bail + stalder shoot to HB, DLO, perfect form and perfect landing.  Damn her handstands, they're just freaking PERFECT. Bam. 9.95

Maddie Gardiner VT Oregon State - FTY, nice height, beautiful form, small hop back. 9.85

Ivana Hong Stanford UB -  jump KCHS, woga-tchevy Tkatchev bail + toe shoot, DLO, perfect form, clean landing. 9.85

Scores after the first rotation:
Stanford bars 49.150
Oregon State vault 48.725

Second rotation, the teams will now switch events, Stanford goes to vault while Oregon State goes to bars.

Taylor Rice leads off vault for Stanford -  FTY, good form, not the biggest vault, chest down, hop FWD. But solid start. 9.675

Marianna Colussi-Pelaez leads off bars for Oregon State- giant 1/2 + jaeger bail, DLO, beautiful and stuck 9.8

Melissa Chuang Stanford VT - FTY, good power and distance.small bounce and some piking at the end. 9.775

Shireen Khamedoost UB Oregon State - maloney + bail, DLO stuck. Lovely. 9.825

Danielle McNair VT Stanford -  FTY, good form in air, small hop on landing.9.75

Silivia Colussi-Pelaez UB -  jump KCHS, Tkatchev,  bail, short on HS,  KCHS, DLO, short, chest down and step forward. 9.6

Nicolette McNair VT Stanford - FTY, beautiful form, stuck landing. 9.875

Maddie Gardiner UB Oregon State -  toe on + maloney + bail, stalder+ double back, beautiful flexibility. 9.85

Ebee Price Stanford VT - FTY, huge power, small hop. Kinda was hoping she'd bust out the DTY. 9.9

Mary Jacobsen UB Oregon State- jump KCHS + tkatchev + bail, KCHS giant 1/2 + double front, stuck. 9.825

Stanford won't put up a 6th athlete on vault.

Katianna McMillan UB Oregon State -  jump KCHS + jaeger, bail, DLO, beautiful height, stuck landing. 9.95

Scores after 2 rotations:
Stanford 98.125, vault total 48.725
Oregon State 97.975, bars total 49.150

On to rotation three, Stanford will go to floor and Oregon State will be on beam. I'm looking forward to seeing Maddie Gardiner on this event. Her wolf turn to split is really a work of art. If Michaelangelo were alive, he would commemorate her gorgeous gymnastics with a statue. I'm also looking forward to seeing Ebee on floor. Last weekend, the Stanford cheerleaders were her back-up dancers. I almost wish Stanford brought the cheerleaders with them just to be back up dancers for Ebee.

Megan Jimenez leads off beam for Oregon State - jump to front support,  front toss + beat jump,  bhs + LOSO,  1/1 turn,  sw + straddle 1/4, gainer pike dismount, stuck. 9.8

Melissa Chuang leads off floor for Stanford -  double pike, clean landing,  FHS + rudi,  tour jete 1/2 + tour jete 1/1,  1 1/2 + front layout. 9.825

Marianna Colussi Pelaez BB Oregon State -  1/1 turn, small balance check,  sw + stag ring leap,  BHS + LOSO, small balance check,  front aerial walkover,  aerial cartwheel + 1/1 twist, small hop. 9,775

Jenna Frowein FX Stanford - double pike, holds on too long, falls out of bounds. no bueno, fro 1/1 + fro lay,   sw 1/2 + popa,  wolf 1/2 + wolf 1/2,  1 1/2 + front tuck. 8.85

Silvia Colussi Pelaez BB Oregon State - press HS, spl + double stag ring, balance check,  BHS + LOSO, big balance check, 1/1 turn, aerial + 1/1 twist, good landing. 9.650

Rachel Daum Stanford FX - double pike,  1 1/2 + front layout,  sw ring + tour jete 1/2,  double back, foot is just on the line, I think she's still in bounds. 9.775

Risa Perez BB Oregon State - chest stand mt, chest cartwheel,  front aerial + 1 arm BHS,  1/1 turn,  switch leap,  pike jump + sheep jump, has a balance check, but just goes into a side scale, good save. BHS + BHS + gainer 1/1 9.85

Taylor Rice FX Stanford -  double pike,  whip 1/2 + front 1/1,  sw ring + sw 1/4,  double back, a little low on the landing, but she recovers well. Good routine. Probably the best I've seen Taylor look all season. 9.775

Katyianna McMillan BB Oregon State -  front tuck + BHS, 1/1 turn,  front handsrping on 1 arm, sw + spl jump + straddle side, gainer 1/1 dismount. Big balance check between her switch leap and her split jump. and her straddle side jump. 9.675

Ebee Price Stanford FX - where are her back up dancers!!!!???  DLO, huge, sw ring + sw 1/4 + popa,  punch front layout + front 1/1 twist,  double stag,  double back. Huge power and amplitude. I'm still sorely disappointed by the lack of back-up dancers for her. Ha. 9.85

Maddie Gardiner BB Oregon State - wolf to split on beam, spl jump + double stag ring,  front aerial walkover,  BHS +LOSO, solid, she's just gorgeous, side somi,  gainer 1/1 dismount, small hop. Ugh, that was so beautiful. 9.85

Haley Spector FX Stanford -  double arabian, stuck cold,  sw 1/4 + popa,  FHS + fro lay + fro 1/1, small step back,  double back, again, stuck cold to finish. Boom. 9.8

Scores after 3 rotations:
Stanford 147.150, floor total 49.025
Oregon State 146.925, beam total 48.950

Okay, time to "leap" into the final rotation. Again, the teams are flip flopping, Stanford ends on beam and Oregon State ends on floor.

Leading off beam  for Stanford Nicolette McNair - BHS + LOSO, side somi, big balance check, 1/1 turn,  aerial cartwheel,  sw + straddle 1/4,   round off + 2/1 twist, solid landing. 9.85

Leading off floor for Oregon State Mary Jacobsen -  double pike, solid, 1/1 turn,  wolf hop,  1 1/2 + front lay,  tour jete 1/1 + sw 1/1,  2 1/2, step to the side, maybe a little under rotated. 9.825

Taylor Rice BB Stanford -  straddle + sheep jump,  making it rain,  1/1 turn,  front toss, solid,  BHS +LOSO, small wobble, but still solid, BHS + gainer 1/1. That was awesome! Way to finish the night! 9.825

Taylor Ricci FX Oregon State -  Rudi + LOSO,  double pike,  tour jete 1/1 + wolf 1/1,  Silivas ankle roll,  1 1/2 + front layout. 9.875

Ivana Hong BB Stanford - press handstand mt, lovely extension and toe point,  onodi + bhs + LOSO, falls, sigh,  1/1 turn,  spl + sheep jump,  gainer pike dismount, stuck. 9.375

Risa Perez FX Oregon State - she needs no back up.  double pike,  sw 1/4 + wolf 1/2,  3/1 turn,  FHS + fro 1/1 + fro 1/2 + straddle jump + shushunova,  1 1/2 + front 1/2. Run the chainsaw. 9.875

Ebee Price BB Stanford -  front aerial, BHS + two foot layout,  1/1 turn,  sw + split jump,  round off + double pike, small step back. solid. 9.85

Jamie Radermacher FX Oregon State -  FHS + 2/1 twist + front tuck, sw + tour jete,  2 1/2 twist,  FHS + fro 1/1 + front tuck. Solid landing, solid routine. 9.875

Melissa Chuang BB Stanford -  BHS + LOSO,  sw + double stag ring, balance check,  1/1 turn,  Moonwalking, aerial cartwheel, a little off,  wolf hop + gainer 1/1 dismount. 9.725

Maddie Gardiner FX Oregon State -  2 1/2 twist,  sw 1/4 + wolf jump,  1 1/2 + front 1/2 + straddle jump,  1/1 turn at back attitude, her extension is heavenly,  double pike, so beautiful.  She is just beautiful on every event. 9.875

Rachel Daum BB Stanford -  front aerial + BHS,  1/1 turn,  sw + spl,  cat leap + aerial cartwheel, balance check, saves it,  round off + 1 1/2 twist. small hop. 9.85

McKenna Singley FX Oregon State -  front tuck + double back,  double pike,  sw ring + tour jete 1/2,  1/1 turn,  punch rudi, nails it. I think she just won the meet for Oregon State. And she did it! She receives a 9.9! Oregon State get's the win!

That was a close one! How close? Here are the final scores:
Oregon State 196.325, floor total 49.400
Stanford 196.250, beam total 49.100.

It really just came down to .075. If Stanford had a couple of more hits and had a smidge less deductions, they would have won it. But they were much better than they were last weekend. That 196.250 is much more a score we expect from Stanford.  Oregon State, man, they were on fire, especially in that last rotation.

That's all for me for tonight. Join me on Friday for some more live blogging.  I'll be attending the Air Force and Minnesota at Denver meet, and I will do my best to do some live blogging and/or tweeting from that meet.  Until then, I bid you all adieu.

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