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Big Ten Championships Morning Session Live Blog

It's that time of the year again, time for NCAA gymnastics conference championships.

I'm starting with session one of the Big Ten Championships. In this session, we're following Maryland, Iowa, Rutgers and Illinois.

Refresh the page every so often for updates from Lincoln, Nebraska!
First rotation - Maryland is starting off on vault while Iowa starts on bars, Rutgers on beam and Illinois on floor.

Heather Foley Leads off Illinois on Floor -  double back,  sw side + tour jete 1/2, 1 1/2 + fro 1/2 + straddle jump,  punch rudi. 9.775

Sarah Faller Rutgers vault - FTY- solid landing, piking down slightly 9.7

Lexi Mura Iowa UB - jump hecht kchs, arhcy, gienger, pak, toe shoot to HB,  full in, lands with one knee locked and took some steps. 9.6

Bridget Hodan Illinois FX -  FHS + 2/1 front twist,  steps out,  sw + sw 1/2,  FHS + rudi + LOSO,  illusion turn,  FHS + rudi, stuck. Solid. 9.8

Emily Brockmuller Vt Maryland -  FTY, off to the side on block, goes off the mat. 9.475

Melissa Zurawaski Iowa  UB - gienger + bial giant 1/1 + double back, slide back. 9.75

Macey Roberts VT Maryland -  FTY, good height, form, hop on the landing. 9.7

Haylee Roe FX Ilinois - double pike, big step out,  tour jete  + sw side,  double back,  popa + wolf 1/1,  fro lay + fro 1/1. 9.775

Mollie Drenth UB Iowa - jump hccht, giant 1/2 + pike jaeger + bail,  DLO, stuck landing. Piked slightly on the second flip. 9.825

Dominiqua Trotter Rutgers - FTY, piked in air, hop on landing. 9.7

Angel Metcalf  Iowa UB -giant 1/2 + jaeger pike + bail, DLO, stuck 9.825

Kathy Tang Maryland VT - FTY- beautiful height, flares out, small steps back on landing. 9.725

Evelyn Nee VT MD - FTY, some piking on the landing, Hop back on landing. 9.7

Ayana Lee BB Rutgers -  cat leap + sw 1/2,  BHS + LOSO, big balance check,  sw side, a little under rotated aerial cartwheel, punch front 1/1 twist dismount 9.45

Johanny Sotillo Iowa UB- clear hip 1/2 + pike jaeger, bail, giant 1/2 + double front, cowboying, hop on landing. 9.775

Micki Shank BB Rutgers -  fro aerial + scale,  BHS + LOSO, balance check,  1/1 turn, sw + sheep jump,  cat leap + gainer 1/1 stuck. 9.675

Erin Buchanan FX Illinois -   double pike, beautiful and high, sw side + popa,  double back, hops out  a bit.   1 1/2 + fro lay. Solid 9.85

Lizzy Leduc FX Illinois -  double pike, beautiful,  sw ring + sw 1/2,  FHS + fro 1/1 + fro lay, just up to the line,  tour jete 1/1,  FHS + rudi.9.85

Scores after the first rotation
Illinois Floor - 49.025
Iowa Bars 48.875
Maryland Vault 48.525
Rutgers Beam 48.075

Second rotation - Illinois moves to vault, Rutgers goes to floor, Iowa moves to beam and Maryland moves to bars.

Sarah Faller leads off bars for Maryland -  jump KCHS,  giant 1/1 + tkatchev + bail,  giant 1/1 + double back, cowboying in the air, step back on landing.

Heather Foley leads of vault for Illinois  -  FTY, piking in the air, landing with her chest down and a hop on landing.

Shynelle Agaran UB Maryland -  giant 1/1 + jaeger, falls, was too close to the bar. Pak,  giant 1/1 + double back, small step back. 8.85

Nikki Youd Iowa BB -  fro aerial + BHS, beat jump,  1/1 turn,  spl + spl 3/4, short of 180 degrees on that split,  round off + gainer 1/1. Solid landing 9.675

Sarah Lyons VT Illinois -  FTY, under rotated, lands short and squatted. 9.525

Megan McClelland UB Maryland - tkatchev,  clear hip + bail, a little sideways on that handstand,  DLO, stuck. 9.75

Johanny Sotillo BB Iowa -  BHS + LOSO, cat leap + sw side,  1/1 turn,  sw + straddle jump,  side somi,  front 1/1 small hop. 9.8

Haylee Roe VT Illinois - FTY, lots of power, piked down on landing and steps to the side. 9.65

Katie Steibeck  FX Rutgers 2 1/2 + fro lay,  punch 2/1, some knee bend,  sw side + popa,   double back, big step back 9.75

Lizzy Leduc VT Illinois -  FTY, lots of power, big hop back on the landing. 9.7

Abbie Epperson Marlyand UB - jaeger,  bail,  DLO, stuck. 9.825

Mollie Drenth BB Iowa -  hs side planche mt,  BHS + LOSO + LOSO, falls. sw + straddle 1/4,  1/1 turn,  round off + 1 1/2. 9.1

Erin Buchanan VT Illinois -  FTY, big power, height, small hop on landing. 9.8

Kathy Tang  UB Maryland -KCHS + giant 1/1 + toe shoot, DLO, steps out. 9.675

Julia Hutcherson VT Illinois -  Yurchenko layout, small hop. 9.525

Alie Glover BB Iowa -  1/1 turn,  BHS + LOSO, small balance check, cat leap + sw side,  front tuck, solid,  sw + straddle, punch 1/1 stuck.

Angel Metcalf BB Iowa - 1/1 turn,  sw + straddle 3/4,  BHS + BHS + LOSO, solid,  round off + 1 1/2 twist, small hop 9.825

Riahanah Ali Rutgers FX -  full in, sw side + popa,  front tuck + double pike,  double back 9.7

Scores after the second rotation
Iowa 97.575
Illinois 97.375
Maryland 97.150
Rutgers 97.075

Moving to rotation three Illinois is on bars, Iowa is on floor, Maryland is on beam, Rutgers is on vault.

I'm way behind so I have to catch up. Sorry if I miss something.

Alie Glover FX Iowa - double back last pass.

Abbie Epperson BB Maryland -  1/1 turn,  BHS + LOSO, balance check,  fro aerial + split jump, a little slow on that connection,  sw + split jump,  gainer 1/1 dismount. 9.8

Now, I'm caught up. Final rotation - Illinois ends on beam, Iowa will end on vault, Rutgers ends on bars and Maryland ends on floor.

Scores after three rotations:
Iowa 146.700, floor total 49.125
Illinois 146.350, bars total 48.975
Rutgers 146.000, vault total 48.925
Maryland 144.825, beam total 47.675

Erin Buchanan BB Illinois -  standing LOSO,  beat + straddle 3/4 jump,  BHS + LOSO, round off + 1 1 1/2 twist. 9,725

Nikki Youd VT Iowa - Yurchenko arabian, stuck landing, piked her hops bit. 9.825

Rihanah Ali Rutgers UB  - jeager, bail giant 1/1 + double back, big steps out. 9.625

Angel Metcalf VT Iowa - FTY, beautiful form, height, small hop 9.75

Brielle Nyguen BB - cartwheel mt - spl + spl + beat jump, fro aerial + loso,  cat leap, 1/1 turn (was she supposed to conenct that cat leap to something?),  front 1/1 dismount, stuck. 9.5

Alie Glover VT Iowa - FTY, hop on landing. 9.8

Mollie Drenth VT Iowa - yurchenko 1/2, stuck landing. 9.925

Poor Haylee Roe is being forced to wait a million years to be able to mount the beam. Because the beam judges are taking a billion years to judge. Here she goes -  BHS + LOSO, solid,  sw + straddle 1/4,  cat leap + gainer loso,  1/1 turn,  round off + 1 1/2 twist, small slide back. Good routine! Especially since she had to wait so damned long. 9.775? I think she was underscored, especially since the judges took so damn long to score the girl's score before her. Seriously, I think another binary black hole system collided in the time Haylee was waiting to present to the judges.

Micki Shank Rutgers UB -  jump hecht KCHS, giant 1/2 + jaeger - practically hits the moon it's so high, bail,  giant 1/2 + double front, stuck 9.875

Lizzy Leduc BB Illinois -  BHS + LOSO, small wobble, 1/1 turn,  onodi, gorgeous,  sw + sheep jump, small balance check,  round off + 1 1/2 twist, stuck. 9.625

Kathy Tang  FX Maryland- fro 2/1 + rudi,  sw,  double pike. 9.875

Sunny Kato BB Illinois - bhs + loso,  1/1 turn, cat leap + front aerial,  spl + sheep jump,  gainer pike, solid routine. 9.9

Did I hear a little biting sarcasm from Shawn Johnson? She said "I hope I'll SEE a ten today." Way to bring in the snark S. Jo, I like it.

Scores after 4 rotations:
Iowa 195.875, vault total  49.175
Illinois 195.175, beam total 48.825
Rutgers 194.775, bars total 48.625
Maryland 194.025, floor total 49.200

Iowa takes the top score in the morning session. But, we have a top heavy session two coming up this afternoon. Come back at 3 p.m. MDT to get all the deets.

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