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Western Michigan @ Washington Live Blog

We're closing in on the regular season. Tonight, I'm live blogging Western Michigan at Washington.

I've really fell for this little team that could over the course of this season and I've been impressed with their progress and their tenacity.

For all the action from Seattle, refresh the page every 5-10 minutes or so for updates.

Rotation one - Washington the home team will be on vault and the visitors, Western Michigan will be on bars.

Leading off Washington on vault Joslyn Goings:FTY - good landing, good form. Stuck landing, solid. 9.85

Kelsey Hood leads off Western Michigan on bars: KCHS + giant 1/1 + tkatchev,  giant 1/2 + bail, toe shoot, giant 1/1 + double back. Solid landing.9.825

Emily Liddle Washington VT - HS front pike, small hop. 9.7

Anna Corbett Western Mich UB -KCHS, clear hip + delchev,  bail,  giant 1/1 + double back, small step back. Unique routine. 9.75

Alex Yacalis VT Washington - FTY, off to the side, step back. 9.75

Jessie Juncaj UB, pike tkatchev + bail, giant 1/1 + double back, stuck, some cowboying. 9.825

Allison Northey VT Washington - FTY, beautiful form, height, small slide back on landing. 9.825

Kayla Weber Western Mich UB - jump hecht, giant 1/2 + jaeger, some form issues,  bail, giant 1/1 + double back, hop on landing. 9.7

Hailey Burleson VT Wash - FTY, step fwd 9.775

Jessie Peszek UB Western Mich - straddle hecht, giant 1/1 + jaeger, huge height, bail, giant 1/1 + double back. Solid routine. She's just as good as Sam. 9.85

Stephanie Stowe Washington VT - FTY, step back, some piking in the air. 9.725

Audry Merritt Western Mich UB -  jump hecht, KCHS + giant 1/1  over, bail,  toe circle, DLO.

Scores after the first rotation
Washington, vault 48.950
Western Michigan, bars 48.925

On to Rotation 2 - Western Michigan will go to vault and Washington will go to bars.

Katie Jennings leads off vault for Western Michigan - Tucked tsuk 1/1, small step. 9.8

Joslyn Goings leads off bars for Washington - jump KCHS + tkathcev, giant 1/1 + giant 1/1 + straddle back, full in, small step back. 9.775

Audry Merrit VT Western Mich -  Yurchenko 1/2, step FWD. 9.75

Hailey Burleson UB Washington -  jump KCHS, toe on + tkatchev, bail,  giant 1/1 + double back, close to the bar, step back. 9.75

Rachael Underwood VT Western Mich - FTY, big height, step back on landing. 9.7

Jessica Nesis UB Wash - jump KCHS, giant 1/2 + jaeger, bail, DLO, hop fwd. 9.775

Jessie Buis VT Western Mich - FTY small step 9.85

Zoey Schaefer UB Washington - jump KCHS + giant 1/2 + tkatchev, bail, DLO, step back. 9.75

Anna Corbett VT Western Mich - FTY, big power, height, small hop on landing. Solid. 9.875

Allison Northey UB Washington -  jump hecht, KCHS,  giant 1/2 + pike jaeger jaeger was too close had to do an extra swing, bail,  full in, stuck. 9.45

Kelsey Hood VT Western Mich - Tsuk 1/1, legs bent slightly, piking on landing. 9.675

Kaitlyn Duranczyk UB Washington - jump KCHS, jaeger,  toe on + bail, DLO, beautiful, stuck. 9.925

Scores after 2 rotations:
Western Michigan 97.925, vault total 48.975
Washington: 97.900, bars total 48.925

Now we're going to the third rotation. Western Michigan will go to floor and Washington will go on beam.

Malory Rose will lead off beam for Washington - jump to spl mt,  fro aerial + BHS,  1/1 memel turn,  sw + beat jump,  cat lep + aerial cartwheel,  aerial cartwheel + 1/1 twist, stuck, beautiful. 9.875

Jessie Peszek leads off floor for Western Michigan - double back, front 1/1 + fro lay,  tour jete 1/2 + popa,  FHS + rudi, solid. 9.75

Alex Yacalis BB Wash - front tuck mt, bhs + loso, 1/1 turn,  cat leap + switch + back tuck,  round off + 1 1/2 twist, small step FWD. 9.75

Anna Corbett FX Western Michigan -  double pike, huge air,  FHS + fro 1/1 + fro pike, just on the line,  wolf 1/1,  1 1/2 + fro layout. 9.8

Stephanie Stowe BB Washington -  fro aerial + BHS,  sw + straddle 1/4,  1/1 turn,  gainer pike dismount. 9.85

Audry Merritt Western Michigan FX -  double pike, clean,   fro 1/2 + fro 1/1,  sw 1/4 + popa,  punch rudi. 9.85

Kaitlyn Duranczyk BB Washington -  LOSO + LOSO, solid,  wolf + beat + sw 3/4,  1/1 turn,  round off + 1 1/2, sticks it. Solid routine. 9.9

Rachel Binkley Western Michigan FX -  double pike, big step out,  FHS + fro 1/1 + fro pike,  tour jete + popa, under rotates, 1 1/2 + front pike. 9.675

Joslyn Goings BB Washington - BHS + BHS + LOSO,  straddle + straddle 1/4, 1/1 turn,  gainer loso, balance check,  aerial cartwheel + 1/1 twist. sticks it. 9.85

Rachael Underwood FX Western Michigan -  FHS + 2/1 twist, FHS + rudi + LOSO,  sw 1/4 + popa,  FHS + rudi, bounces out of it. 9.85

Allison Northey BB Washington -  1/1 turn,  sw + straddle 3/4,  BHS+ LOSO, big balance check,  front toss + beat jump,  round off + 1 1/2 twist.  9.775

Kelsey Hood FX Western Michigan -  double pike, clean landing,  punch front lay + front 1/1,  sissone + tour jete 1/1,  2/1 + loso, lands OOB with both feet. 9.625

Solid beam rotation for Washington.

Scores after 3 rotations:
Washington 147.150, beam total 49.250
Western Michigan 146.850, floor total 48.925

We're heading into the final rotation, Western Michigan will end on beam and Washington will end the night on floor.

Anna Corbett will lead off beam for Western Michigan -  1/1 turn,  BHS +LOSO, big balance check,  front toss + beat jump, squatty on that front toss, cat leap +  sw 1/4, round off + 1 1/2 small hop. 9.6

Zoey Schaefer leads off floor for Washington -  fro 1/1 + fro 1/1 +  double stag, sw ring + tour jete , double pike, big air, small bounce out. 9.825

Kelsey Hood Western Mich BB -  BHS + LOSO, solid,  1/1 turn,  aerial cartwheel,  beat + sw 3/4, wobble, BHS + 1 1/2 twist. 9.825

Emily Liddle FX Washington -  1/1 turn,  double pike, leg came up a bit,  sw ring + sw 1/2, front layout + front 1/1,  double back, clean landing. 9.775

Jessie Buis BB Western Mich - BHS + LOSO,  1/1 turn,  beat + sheep jump, solid,  aerial cartwheel , balance check,  sw 1/4,  round off + 1 1/2, small hop 9.725

Joslyn Goings FX Washington -  double pike, clean,  sw 1/4 + popa, front lay + fro 1/1,  double back. Solid landing. 9.775

Rachel Binkley BB Western Michigan sw + spl 1/4,  BHS + LOSO,  front toss,  spl + spl 3/4,  bhs + 1 1/2 twist, small hop.

Kaitlyn Duranczyk FX Washington -  front tuck + double pike,  popa + straddle + wolf 1/1,  double back. 9.85

Rachael Underwood BB Western Mich - cat leap + aerial cartwheel,  BHS + LOSO, small balance check,  1/1 turn,  beat + spl 1/1, under split, scale, round off + gainer 1/1 dismount, could of steps 9.75

Alex Yacalis FX Washington  - full in, big step out,  double back, huge height, clean landing,  sw + wolf 1/1 + tuck 1/1 jump,  whip + 1 1/2 + front tuck. Solid 9.85

Jessie Peszek BB Western Michigan - 1/1 turn,  BHS + BHS +LOSO, falls. beat + spl 3/4 , under rotates, falls,  round off + 2/1 twist. That sucks. Not a good routine for her :( 8.325

Allison Northey FX Washington -  double pike, solid,  1 1/2 + front layout, tour jete 1/2 + popa,  double back, bounces out a bit. But a good routine. 9.875

Final scores:
Washington 196.325, floor total 49.175
Western Michigan 195.575, beam total 48.925

Western Michigan was definitely solid, I'm very impressed with their difficulty level and their gymnastics in general, I think they may be a team to watch in years to come. Jessie Peszek, where have you been all season? I wish I'd known there was another Peszek to watch, so perhaps, I will catch up with this team a little more in the coming weeks.

Washington, huge home score. That should boost their RQS and their ranking. They looked great on beam, Kaitlyn Durancyzk was a dream. Joslyn Goings has become such a solid all-arounder, she's going to be a huge asset to Washington in the coming weeks and into the post season push.

That's all for me tonight. Join me tomorrow afternoon for the PAC12/SEC showdown with Stanford and Georgia at UCLA, at 1 p.m. MST.

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