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Pac Rims 2016 - Senior Event Finals Live Blog

Time for Senior Event finals at the Pacific Rim Championships.

I'm a little late to the game, sorry about that. So I'm starting with uneven bars for women.

Refresh the page every 10-15 minutes or so for the deets.

Brittany Rogers killed it earlier with her Ricna to pak combination, finishing with a stuck DLO. She's been killing that combo in NCAA this year, glad to see it in elite.

Kiara Munteanu Australia- tkatchev _ gienger, jaeger,  bail,  clear hip + toe shoot, giant 1/1,  full in. 13.875

Ashton Locklear USA -  KCHS , toe 1/1 + maloney, pak + van leuwen, jaeger, full in, small step. 15.625

Madison Kopiak Canada - jump KCHS,  pike jaeger,  clear hip + toe 1/1 + pak,  toe on + maloney, bail + toe shoot, full in. Nice. Can't wait to see her at Washington!!

Larrissa Miller Australia -  jump KCHS,  ricna + in bar jaeger, in bar, toe on + pike jaeger, bail, in bar 1/1, full in, beautiful. 14.675

Brenna Dowell USA -  glide KCHS, toe 1/1 , maloney + tkatchev, + jaeger + church, falls, :( Pak, van leuwen,  Full twisting DLO. WHY BRENNA WHY?

Nagi Kajita Japan - KCHS, toe on, looses it,  toe 1/2 + jaeger,  Pak,   in bar + toe shoot, stalder _  stalder 1/1, full in.

Gina Escobar Columbia - in bar, giant 1/2, giant 1/1 + gienger, bail + toe shoot, full in dismount.

Bars Medalists -
1. Ashton Locklear
2. Larrissa Miller
3. Brittany Rogers (Go Dogs Go!)

Okay, after a short break for the awards ceremony, I'm back. I'll be covering men's vault and balance beam. I actually know vaults, so I can at least live blog that for the dudes.

Mao Hua Chiu Taipei  VT 1 - handspring double front, sits it down, VT 2 - Tsuk 2/1, step to side, pike on landing, some leg seps 13.95

Charlotte Sullivan New Zealand Beam - Fro aerial + spl + wolf,  BHS + 2 ft layout,  side somi, slight wobble, 1.1 turn,  sw + sw 1/2,  side aerial, round off + 2 1/2

Man Hun Jin Hong Kong VT 1 - Tsuk 2 3/4.... was going for a triple, but botched it. VT 2 -  Handspring rudi, lands it, step to the side.

Courtney McGregor New Zealand Beam - front pike mount,  front tuck + sissone,  BHS + 2 ft layout, spl jump + side aerial,  memmel 1/1 turn, balance check, sw + sw 1/2, spl + spl, round off + double back, hop on landing.

Damien Cachia Canada - VT 1 - Handspring Tsuk  2/1 - low on horse, VT 2 - HS front 2/1

Aly Raisman USA Beam - split leap mt, front Pike + wolf jump,  BHS + 2 ft lay, sw + sissone,  side aerial,  sw 1/2 + back pike, front tuck + split jump,  L turn 1/1 + 1/1 turn, round off + patterson, small step to the side. 15.1

Christopher Remkes Australia - VT 1 - Dragulescu, hands down. VT 2 -  Tsuk 2 1/2, hands down.

Emily Little Australia Beam -  front tuck,  wolf turn  1/1,  sw + sw side, under rotated on the sw side,  front aerial, falls,  BHS + 2 ft layout,  sw 1/4 touches beam, round off + double pike dismount. 12.65

Eddie Penev VT 1 - yurchenko 1/2 on 2/1 off, solid, OOB,  VT 2 - shewfelt /amanar, beautiful, stuck.

Nagi Kagita Japan Beam -  wolf + sissone,  sw, back tuck, missed a connection maybe, fro aerial + spl jump, a little shy of 180,  BHS + BHS + LOSO, memmel 1/1 turn, bobble,  sw ring,  side aerial, big wobble,  round off + 3/1 twist, a little under rotated.

Donnell Whittenberg USA VT 1 - Tsuk tucked 1/1 double,  VT 2 -  HS double front, big steps forward, but huuuuuuuuuuuuuuge power.

Shallon Olsen Canada Beam -  front aerial + wolf jump,  BHS + LOSO + LOSO,  sw + split,  sw 1/2, slightly under 180,  sw ring, flexed back foot,  onodi, wobble,  illusion 1/1,  BHS + BHS + double pike, step out. Good routine, some small form errors and good skill content.

Raylend Capellan  Phillippines- VT 1- HS 2 1/2, sits it down.  VT 2 - Tsuk 2/1 botched and sat down,

Megan Roberts Canada Beam -  BHS + LOSO, steps out,  front aerial,  side somi, big wobble,  sw side,  back tuck,  1/1 turn,  sw + sw 1/2, back leg didn't come up enough on the sw 1/2, round off + double back, step back.

Yujiro Terachi Japan - VT 1 - Tsuk 2/1, lands on feet, nice job. Vt 2 -  HS double front, step back, good height, distance, butt was behind knees a bit.

Kiara Munteanu Australia Beam -  round off + 2 ft lay, front tuck, deep landings,  sw + sissone,  sw side,  sw 1/2, slightly under rotated, 1/1 turn,  side somi, solid  round off + double back, solid. 13.450

Ragan Smith Beam USA -  straddle spl mount, wolf 2/1, solid,  sw + straddle,  BHS + 2 ft lay, small balance check,  tuck 1/1,  front tuck + sissone,  front aerial + pike jump,  sheep jump,  BHS + BHS + double pike. 15.225

So the podium finishers are:
1. Ragan Smith  15.225
2. Aly Raisman 15.100
3. Nagi Kagita 13.700

On to women's floor (not going to try men's high bar or P bars, since I have no clue on half of the skills, sorry).

Brenna Dowell Floor Exercise USA -  front lay + double front, stuck,  FHS + front double pike,  tour jete + popa,  L turn 1/1, L hop 1/1, 1 1/2 + front full,  FHS + 2/1 twist. Solid. Great way to come back from the bars final! 14.825

Courtney McGregor FX New Zealand -  pike full in,  2 1/2 + front lay OOB, sw + tour jete 1/2,  double pike,  memmel 1/1,  sw 1/2 + popa,  double back, clean, good finish. 13.025

Aly Raisman USA  -  1 1/2 step out + double arabian, didn't do the front lay,  tour jete, L turn 2/1,  dos santos + stag jump,  DLO, but a teeny bit short  sw  + tour jete 1/1,  double pike, small hop , solid. Boom. 15.1

Nagi Kajita, Japan -  2 1/2 + front 1/1,  3/1 twist,  sw ring + sw 1/2,  FHS + fro 2/1,  memmel turn, nice,  double back, chest was a bit down on landing, step forward. 13.95

Emily Little, Australia -  wolf 1/1, pike full in, step , 1/1 turn + fro aerial,  full in tucked, hop , sw + sw side,  butterfly,  double back, very clean, that was easy for her.  double pike, low landing, big step back. 13.200

3 more competitors to go!

Shallon Olsen, Canada  -  double double to open,  1 1/2 step out + double back,  memmel turn + 1/1 turn, sw + tour jete 1/2, a little under 180,  pike full in, lands it cleanly,  sw 1/2,  3/1 twist. 14.400

Pretty impressed with Canada tonight, think they could be a podium finisher at worlds in a few years. Lots of difficulty on floor, some unique elements, that's for sure.

Megan Roberts, Canada  -  dos santos, gorgeous, tour jete + stag leap, pike full in, chest was down, sw + tour jete,  1/1 turn,  double pike,  sw 1/2,  double back.

Georgia Rose Brown Australia - memmel + illusion, spl, 2 1/2, front 1/1 + beat jump, sw ring + tour jete, 2/1 attitude turn, beautiful, so elegant,  double back, chest down,  illusion 2/1, 13.925

So that concludes women's floor and my night. Here are the podium standings:
1. Aly Raisman  15.100
2. BRENNA DOWELL!!!!! 14.825 (#TeamBrenna is totes back, y'all!)
3. Shallon Olsen 14.400

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